Infiniti has developed an innovative internal combustion engine

Infiniti Company announced that the next generation QX50 crossover will be equipped with the world’s first serial engine with variable compression ratio. It should be noted that to develop the engine with variable compression ratio tried many automakers, however, only Infiniti achieved the desired result, making the fundamental changes in the mechanical part of the engine. It is reported that a revolutionary unit from Infiniti is a crankshaft, which is put on a kind of rocker. Left to the last rod is attached, and the right – a lever controlled by an electric motor. The movement of the lever allows you to change the position of the rod relative to the crankshaft, thereby physically changing the compression ratio. With this decision the same engine can operate efficiently throughout the rev range. This engine is always at the perfect angle and ignition timing to the point of detonation. Nissan and Infiniti engineers have noted that all this will allow to get the four-cylinder engine performance up to date, “sixes”, while in terms of motor efficiency is comparable to diesel units.


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