Infiniti brought to Pebble Beach racing car Prototype 9

At the elegance contest at Pebble Beach 2017, Infiniti introduced the concept of Prototype 9, made in the style of racing cars of the 40s.
The specialists of the brand explained the presence of the figure “9” in the name of the concept by the fact that in Japanese this number is pronounced as “Kyuu”, which is consonant with the letter Q in English. Recall that it is the letter “Q” that is present in the name of all the serial Infiniti models.
The author of the project Infiniti Prototype 9 is Alfonso Albaisa, who now holds the position of vice president of global design for Nissan, and previously headed the design department of Infiniti, while creating the look of the concept involved other designers of the Japanese brand.
Infiniti Prototype 9 is a single-seat racing car in retro style, which is equipped with a rudder with a fixed hub. On the last one, there are instruments.
Being built on a steel ladder frame with steel body elements suspended on it, the concept reaches a length, width and height of 4,330, 1,820 and 910 mm, respectively. The wheelbase of the car is 2,700 mm, and in the outfit, the car weighs 890 kg.
In motion rear-wheel drive Infiniti Prototype 9 leads an electric motor with a power of 150 hp. And 320 Nm. From a place to a hundred the car accelerates in 5.5 seconds, accelerating up to 170 km/h. The Japanese noticed that with a maximum load (for example, on a racing track), the battery charge should be enough for about 20 minutes. The launch of such a model in the series is unlikely.

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