The first images of the electric Infiniti LE Concept

Management of the company Infiniti has announced plans to build an all-electric family car at the Paris Motor Show 2010. And at the motor show in New York 2012 the Japanese automaker showed a picture of the car, which is named after LE Concept.
Design electric settled in the current company style. The exterior design is widely used operating time sports coupe Infiniti Emerg-E Concept, shown earlier in Geneva.
No specific details about the future Infiniti LE is not reported. According to the plans of the company, its sales should begin in 2014, and in the design of new products will be widely used elements of the electric Nissan Leaf.
In particular, the last borrow power plant and transmission, and lithium-ion batteries upgrade so that they shorten the time of the charge from 8 to 4 hours, as compared with the Leaf.
In 2015 Nachach of manufacturer announced that it plans to launch a series of electric Infiniti LE postponed indefinitely because the company shifted to creating powerful sports coupe, whose appearance on the Japanese market now sees more relevant.

foto-infiniti-le-concept_02-650x431 foto-infiniti-le-concept_03-650x431 foto-infiniti-le-concept_01-650x431

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