The program Driven By Optimist Hyundai┬ácompany introduced a pilot i20 hatchback, which can be controlled using the power of thought. Working on the project, the Koreans used a special headset that reads brain EEG, translating it into simple commands. Then last sent to the computer that controls the actuators. In tests of the hatchback was attended by Mark Elcock, who is not driving the car for more than 15 years iz-za loss of vision, and life coach Anna Ray and team members Atlantic Endeavour, which in December 2016 will go in 5000 – kilometer rowing race Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Test participants were able to disperse and slow down experimental i20, using only one power of thought. Interestingly, the reflections on the positive theme activate the accelerator, and neutral and abstract – brake. As for steering, in the tests for his Hyundai posted an engineer, who is in the back row.