Hyundai has shown in Frankfurt i20 WRC racing

On opened in Frankfurt International Motor Show, Hyundai unveiled the concept of the public version of the racing hatchback i20 WRC, which is engaged in the development experts of the newly formed division N Performance. Note that in the future under this sub-brand will be produced all the sports and “hot” modification of the South Korean brand.
Road tests Hatch racing, built on the base model Hyundai i20 2 generation have begun. Soon, experts Hyundai will begin to refine the machine.
Koreans claim that the racing debut of the car will be held in 2016 on the World Rally Championship WRC. Hatchback declared at the January Rally Monte Carlo.
From its predecessor novelty is improved aerodynamics, better fuel efficiency and balanced weight distribution. In the future, some of the technologies used in the i20 WRC, will be applied to the charged versions of models Hyundai.

foto-i20-2-wrc_03 foto-i20-2-wrc_02 foto-i20-2-wrc_01

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