Hyundai showed a pre-series version of the hydrogen crossover

Within the framework of the special event in Seoul, Hyundai presented a pre-series version of its new hydrogen crossover, which is currently known under the working name Next Generation FCEV. The model is positioned as a replacement for another hydrogen crossover ix35 Fuel Cell. In terms of dimensions, the prototype is similar to Hyundai Toussaint, while in front of it there is a two-storey optics in the style of the Kona parking lot. Plus the car received a radiator grille with an unusual wavy pattern and recessed door handles. It is expected that the serial version of the SUV will have a similar design. The main features of the interior of the hydrogen Hyundai Next Generation FCEV are a double-spoke steering wheel, a digital instrument panel, and a central console, while some materials are made from biodegradable materials, that is, recyclables. In the motion, the car is powered by a power plant with a capacity of 120 kilowatts, which is equivalent to 163 hp. (400 Nm), while the fuel cells are much better adapted to the cold, which will allow the car to operate at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius. The concept is equipped with three tanks of the same capacity for storage of hydrogen, which is made on a composite basis. As a result, the hydrogen Hyundai can boast a more substantial power reserve than its predecessor. So, according to the European measurement technique, the SUV is able to drive more than 800 km without refueling (about 580 km in the South Korean one). The world premiere of the serial Next Generation FCEV version will take place in January 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show CES, where the Koreans promise to announce the official name of the model and its full technical specifications. And by the end of the same year, the car will be on sale.

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