New Hyundai Santa Fe: first photo

Hyundai has published the first teaser of the new generation of the crossover Santa Fe, which today is the flagship model of the company. While with confidence you can only talk about the silhouette of a future novelty.

Actually, it’s difficult to talk about design. It is noticeable that the car maintains its proportions with a long hood that should hint that the V6 engine is hiding there (and it does not have to be there), with a practical level window line rising to the rear and lanterns of a complex shape, “naked” on hind wings.

Hyundai said that the new generation of Santa Fe will receive a system of emergency automatic braking, and when reversing, as well as a warning system about forgotten passengers in the back seats. Speech, of course, primarily about children: it is not uncommon for parents to absent-mindedly forget them in the car.

The public debut of the crossover will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, but declassify it earlier, around mid-February.

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