Hyundai has patented a touch-sensitive keys for steering

In 2014, Hyundai has patented his own version of the touch keys for vehicles in Korea, and in 2016 the South Korean manufacturer has received a similar patent in the United States. Development Hyundai specialists wheel provides for installation on the two touch pads, a small display, a control unit and a memory. Koreans used a special filter that makes inaccurate pressing more accurate. In addition, they are “taught” to recognize the touch keys pressed while wearing gloves. Among the other features of the patented technology worth mentioning the ability to customize the response time to touch touchpad. Note that similar technology is already being used in such production models like the Honda CivicMercedes-Benz E-Class and Toyota Prius. These cars touch buttons located on the steering wheel so that it may be easy to press with your thumbs. With these you can scroll the menu touchpads entertainment system and onboard computer.


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