The new Hyundai NEXO hydrogen crossover

As part of the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, which opened in Las Vegas, Hyundai declassified the name of its new hydrogen crossover. The novelty, which in the model range of the South Korean brand will replace ix35 Fuel Cell, received a laconic name NEXO. Externally, the car stands out with a grille with an unusual wavy pattern and recessed door handles. In terms of dimensions, the SUV is comparable to the Tuscon, while in front it has a two-storey optics. The new model Hyundai NEXO 2018-2019 is equipped with a 163-horsepower electric motor. The latter receives energy from both the fuel cell unit and the 40-kilowatt battery, while the claimed electric-drive power reserve is about 590 km. It is reported that it is possible to fully fill the machine with hydrogen in just 5 minutes. With such a filling, Hyundai Nexo is able to accelerate from one place to a hundred in 9.5 seconds, which is 3.0 seconds faster than the hydrogen ix35. The maximum speed is not specified. The car was equipped with a system of a circular view, working at the expense of cameras installed around the perimeter. The picture from the latter is broadcasted on the display of the multimedia system, which can be very useful, for example, during the rebuilding, as it allows you to get information about objects located in the “blind” areas of the side mirrors. In the list of Hyundai NEXO equipment, there are also a car parker, adaptive cruise control and a car retention system in the lane. In some markets, such a crossover will appear in the first half of 2018, but prices and bundling are not yet disclosed.

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