Hyundai is one of the few companies that continues to work on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV). Now in the gamut of Koreans there is even a serial ix35 crossover FCEV. But his time has come to an end. Literally in a few days Hyundai will present a serial version of the Next Generation FCEV concept, shown in the spring in Seoul.

The serial version will be presented on January 8 at the Consumer Electronics Exhibition CES in Las Vegas. In principle, judging by the numerous spy photos, the appearance of the serial crossover will be very different from the concept.

The crossover will receive a modernized power plant from the current hydrogen crossover, which is built on the basis of the Tucson. According to Hyundai engineers, it is more compact in size, but it can accommodate more hydrogen. As a result, Hyundai expects that the power reserve from one refueling will be about 800 kilometers. This will be the best indicator among all cars on fuel cells.

In Hyundai, they say that the whole company plans to produce 10-15 thousand crossovers Next Generation FCEV. All of them will be transferred to customers on leasing terms.