New Hyundai Mistra 2018 for China, prices and equipment

In the spring of 2017 in China started selling the updated Hyundai Mistra sedan, which is in the line producer on the local market occupies an intermediate position between the models Elantra and the Sonata.
During restyling Koreans have changed the exterior Four-door. The car has received other bumpers, massive hexagonal grille, which is shaped like a shield, new headlights and running lights and other lights.
Inside, Hyundai Mistra 2018 installed a modern multimedia system with 8.0-inch display, while the company’s specialists adjusted form vents. Changes undergone and the climate control unit.
As for the interior decoration, the Koreans abandoned the plastic inserts stylized tree, which made the interior of Mystras more rigorous and solid.
Being built on an elongate platform i30 hatchback with rear Multi-lever Hyundai Mistra sedan reaches a length of 4710 mm and its wheelbase is 2 770. In China updated model can be ordered with either a 1.8-liter gasoline engine power of 143 hp or a turbo engine of 1.6 liters, 175 which develops strength.
The first unit can be operated in conjunction with a six-speed mechanics and the classical machine. But turbo is exclusively paired with 7-speed Preselective robot.
As regards complete sets, the basic design model is offered with fabric interior, unpretentious sound system and a plastic wheel without buttons. More expensive equipment comes with leather interior and large glass section in the roof, and also have a dual zone climate control, the rear-view camera, the start button, the drive of the front seats and air ionizer.
During restyling Koreans built into the right door mirror camera that displays the image “blind” areas, and also added the automatic trunk opening on prolonged finding key tag at the stern Four-door.
In China to buy a Hyundai Mistra sedan can be as low as 19 000 to 25 000 dollars. Selling car outside of China do not plan to.

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