Hyundai Ioniq (2017) – an all-new model from the South Korean automaker, they are positioned as a competitor to the Toyota Prius. The world premiere of the new Hyundai Ionic held in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, and a presentation on the domestic market was held in the beginning of the year.
Outside Hyundai Ioniq allocated fairly original design – with other models of the company’s model in common except that branded hexagonal grille. At the same lighting, bumper and exterior design of the total in general were quite original.
And if the fifth-generation Prius looks extremely controversial and too unusual, the Hyundai Ioniq on the background looks more traditional, although the shape of the body with a sloping roof and split in half glass tailgate Koreans apparently assembled from a competitor.
Interior of the new Hyundai Ionic (2017) makes a good impression. It set a stylish steering wheel with flattened rim, fully electronic instrument panel screen multimedia system is made in a single unit with the central air vents, plus the design uses blue accents.

Specifications. The basis of the Hyundai Ioniq lay completely new platform with the use of high-strength steels and aluminum. The last made the hood, trunk lid and some suspension components.
The car will be offered in three versions: a hybrid, a hybrid with the ability to recharge the batteries from the household electric network. Last will appear later, and as a hybrid version, it was composed of a 1.6-liter petrol engine Kappa GDi 105 hp, 47-hp electric motor, dedicated six DCT robotized transmission with two clutches and a set of lithium-ion polymer battery.
Hyundai Ionic batteries located under the floor and shifted to the front axle, which made it possible not only to lower the center of gravity of the car, but also provided the model, according to the manufacturer of chance control. For information on dynamic characteristics of new products, as well as information on fuel consumption and battery charge time will be presented by the company later.

Packaging and prices. Sales of the new Hyundai Ioniq start in 2016 in the markets of South Korea, the United States and in several European countries, the price is not yet known.

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