Hyundai introduced a virtual supercar N 2025 for GT6

On the opening day of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, Hyundai introduced not only a prototype racing hatchback WRC i20, but the concept supercar N 2025 model which is still only exists on the computer.
Koreans say that the virtual car is designed specifically for the popular racing simulator Gran Turismo 6. The game Supercar Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo was a hybrid, composed of four electric motors, a set of hydrogen cells and super capacitor, is responsible for the regeneration of energy at braking. The total capacity of this unit makes 871 hp.
Weight virtual supercar just 972 kg. Such a low weight achieved through the use of in the design of the car sets carbon elements. In terms of the ratio of weight to power, with the Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo will be compared, not every modern supercar.
Because of the unique design decisions worth mentioning unusual duct system. Her pipes are drawn to the sides of the grille to the rear axle, thereby achieving better downforce. A similar solution is applied in the real existing sports prototype Nissan GT-R Nismo LM.
It is worth mentioning the “special racing roar”, which is published by a car while riding. So juicy sound has been achieved thanks to a special turbine spins up to 200,000 rev/min.

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