At the end of March 2017 at the motor show in Seoul, Hyundai introduced the public a hybrid version of the sedan Grandeur 6 generations. The car has received a special decoration of exterior and interior. For example, in interior decoration of a hybrid Korean Hyundai grandeur 2018 abandoned conventional plastic inserts in favor of cork oak bark. The movement causes sedan hybrid propulsion system, consisting of 2.4-liter gasoline engine capacity of 159 hp, 51-horsepower electric motor, and a six-speed automatic battery pack capacity of 1.76 kWh. By increased by 9% compared with a similar modification of the previous generation efficiency electric motor and the battery capacity – 23%. Also, due to the different design of wheel disks, the Koreans managed to slightly reduce the drag coefficient – 0.27. The company has not disclosed the dynamic characteristics of Hyundai Grandeur Hybrid 2017-2018, however, there are fuel consumption data. It turned out that the new model turned out to be 8% more economical than its predecessor – the car consumes 6.2 liters per 100 km in combined cycle. In South Korea, the price of hybrid Hyundai Grandeur 2017 range from 36 to 40 million won (from 32 000 to 36 000 dollars), while the representatives of the brand is calculated each year to sell in the local market to 10 thousand cars.