New Honda CR-Z hybrid sport 2017

At the auto show in Detroit 2010 debuted sport hybrid Honda CR-Z Coupe. The movement of the vehicle resulting in 122 hp four-cylinder I-VTEC 1.5-liter, working together with a 15 HP electric motor, which is powered by a 100-volt nickel-metal hybrid battery located in the trunk.
Equipped with a system of recovery of energy from braking, as well as the function of “start/stop”, the new Honda CR-Z has turned quite environmentally friendly. Paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox emission level of CO2 in this model is 31-37 grams per kilometer, and with the CVT, the figure is equal to 36-38 g/km.
By car racing suspension, standard 16-inch wheels can be replaced with 17-inch, and a compartment for a wide range of active and passive safety, and standard equipment.

Updated Honda CR-Z 2014.

Initially it was assumed that the premiere of the updated coupe hybrid Honda CR-Z 2014 will be held at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, but the Japanese automaker showed restyling two-door a week earlier at the exhibition in Indonesia.
The car got a retouch grille, modified head optics with LED sections, different front bumper with enlarged air intakes and other foglights, LED tail lights, a diffuser and 17-inch wheels of the revised design.
As for the hybrid power plant in the Honda CR-Z 2014, it became more powerful, without losing in efficiency and environmental performance. If the old engine gave out 122 hp (173 Nm), after the modernization its capacity increased to 134 forces, and peak torque is 190 Nm.
Such measures, coupled with a manual gearbox, and for the version with CVT power and torque are reduced to 133 hp and 172 Nm, respectively. In addition, the car has a new mode of operation “Plus Sport”.

Updated Honda CR-Z 2017.

In late August of 2015, the Japanese presented a second time updated model Honda CR-Z. Only now the technical stuffing hybrid coupe remained unchanged, which affected the exterior and interior decoration.
Outside the Honda CR-Z 2017 released a new front bumper with other sections fog light and stylish spoiler and a modified grille and retouched optics.
Rear bumper undergone revision and lights, plus the lineup appeared rims new design. Inside, restyled Honda CR-Z 2017 draw attention to themselves appeared on the center console touch screen audio system and the armrest between the front seats, which managed to place it at the expense of replacing the parking brake lever on the button.
In addition, the car equipped with a system of active noise cancellation and audio can now through the speakers amplify the sound of the engine, creating the sensation of driving a more powerful car than it really is.


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