Honda revealed a photos of the future Civic wagon

At the Paris Motor Show in 2012 the head of the European division of Honda Manabu Nisimae (Manabu Nishimae) demonstrated only a teaser image of the model Civic tourer wagon. According Nisimae, this car is designed specifically for the market of the Old World, and its serial version is worth waiting for in the next year. It is expected that the new Civic wagon spring show at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. Judging by the picture, the car will receive a stylish design in a sports way, and hidden in the rack rear door handles. By the way, a similar solution is already used French in his new wagon Renault Clio Estate. In addition, representatives of the Japanese automaker confirmed the information about the development of the “charged” hatchback Honda Civic Type-R of the new generation. However, its appearance is scheduled only for 2015. Finally, in Paris hondovtsy introduced a new 1.6-liter i-DTEC turbodiesel 120 hp (300 Nm), with which the new Honda Civic hatchback 5D uses the combined cycle of 3.6 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. The following year, this engine will be in the range of crossover Honda CR-V 2013 for the European market.

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