Honda is preparing a several number of concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show

Motor Home for the Japanese automobile manufacturers is perhaps the highlight of the year. And the lion’s share of them is preparing for a large number of their compatriots prime minister, who will be the most environmentally friendly. I do not stay aside and Honda.
Concept Small Sports EV, according to representatives of the company will move only with the use of electric traction. What dynamic performance has submitted a sample is not reported, but for most Honda, he is of paramount importance. According to the official report, Small Sports EV will become a vector of development of the design of future models of the company.
Another concept would be the Honda Advanced Cruiser-X hatchback. The car will be driven by a hybrid power plant with total capacity of 127 hp Will AC-X to move exclusively on electric power – is unknown, but is expected to average fuel consumption is expected to reach 1.0 liters per 100 kilometers.
As stated by representatives of Honda’s official press release, Advanced Cruiser-X will target “comfortable travel over long distances and less comfortable in the city”.
Tokyo Motor Show 2011 will be running from 3 to 11 December.

small-sports-ev-concept_01-650x312 small-sports-ev-concept_02-650x389 honda-ac-x-concept-650x426

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