New Honda NSX could make his debut at the motor show in Tokyo

Recently, Honda all clearly expresses its intention to build a new generation of the legendary sports car NSX. On the premiere already said company president now took the floor and people responsible for the creation of a car.
Head of development Honda – Miro Tohisiro said: “We are obsessed with this project. Now we are working on hybrid and electric vehicles of new generation, which can be very powerful, but eco-friendly as possible”.
It is possible that the main driving force of the new Honda NSX II is a symbiosis of a gasoline engine V6 of 3.5 to 3.7 liters, which will rotate the rear axle and two electric motors integrated in the front wheels. The expected impact of such a system will be about 400 hp.
According to rumors, the premiere of a new generation NSX will be held in November as part of the showroom in Tokyo. Now the car, which may become a new generation of sports car, taking part in the filming of the remake of the film “The Avengers.” Convertible, which drives the main character played by Robert Downey Jr., was named Acura – luxury division of Honda.


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