zaz-logo“ZAZ”, “Zaporizhia Automobile Plant» (ZAZ), Ukrainian company for the production of passenger cars marks “Zaporozhets” and “Tavria”. Headquartered in Kiev. In 1863 in the town of Alexandrov (the so called until 1921 the city of Zaporozhye) was founded a small factory for the production of agricultural implements. After the October Revolution, it was renovated and expanded in the first five years began to produce harvesters. During World War II it was completely destroyed and rebuilt after its completion and re-equipped – in 1960 the plant started serial production of the first small car “Zaporozhets” (model ZAZ-965). During the Soviet period the plant was mastered several models of “Zaporozhets,” which, despite its somewhat insulting nickname “tin”, still gaining popularity (this was the cheapest passenger car in the years of stagnation). In the late 70s the assembly line came upgraded ZAZ-968M-03 engine producing 45 hp In 1987 it started production of more modern and comfortable model “Tavria”. By the early 90s ZAZ brought their output to 80 thousand cars per year. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union began to plant on hard times. Production fell, on the agenda was a question a fundamental restructuring of the entire operation of the plant. However ZAZ slowly but surely went out of dire crisis. Release vehicles in 1995 amounted to 103 thousand pieces. The Ukrainian government, knowing full well that no foreign companies can not do (intensive negotiations with the Korean company Daewoo and the American concern General Motors), is still trying to set up production of domestic cars. It is a three-door ZAZ-1102 “Tavria” and its five-door modification ZAZ-1105 “Dana”, equipped with engines of 51 hp Once in May 1998, was settled last legal formalities and a joint venture called “AvtoZAZ- Daewoo” received the “start in life”, in the fate of the leader of Ukrainian automotive industry witnessed major changes. Now the plant produces a slightly updated model of “Tavria” (hatchback) and psevdosedan based on it, “Rep”, as well as their modifications, and is assembled from kits Car Daewoo.