volvo-logo“Volvo” (Volvo Aktiebolaget), a Swedish company that manufactures cars and trucks as well as engines for different purposes, a variety of agricultural, forestry and household appliances. Headquartered in Gothenburg. Sturehof restaurant in Stockholm July 25th, 1924 – the day that the Swedish calendar day called Jacob – it was decided to establish a Volvo. The first sample of the car, prepared by the company’s founders, Assar Gabrielsson (Assar Gabrielsson) and Gustav Larson (Gustaf Larson) was called “Jacob» (Jakob), and in its creation has been used the maximum number of parts produced in Sweden. Starting enthusiasts proved successful and in 1927, the company was founded for the production of cars of the brand “Volvo” (from the Latin volvo – I roll). In Sweden, by 1935 it sold 10,000 vehicles. The first trucks were produced in 1928, and since 1931 the company the leader in Europe for the production of heavy trucks. In the early 40s the company developed a relatively inexpensive models and Volvo PV36 Volvo PV51, in Sweden have become “popular”. The war prevented the sale of these models in Europe, but the post-war years, a powerful advertising company brought the company fame in Europe and America. The post-war model of Volvo PV44 was leading in Sweden by the number of sales until 1953 and later became the basis of “hits» – PV 444 and PV 544. Presentation of the first mass car Volvo – PV 444 – was held in 1944 at the famous exhibition Volvo in the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm. Also presented were the PV60 – the first bus with a diesel engine, and many other new products. In 1953 the presentation of the first wagon Volvo – Duett. Although Duett, probably more suited for small businesses, it marked the beginning of the orientation of Volvo cars in the family type. In 1956 graduation of Volvo P 120 (sold in the Nordic countries called Amazon). This car differed distinctively feminine contours. Soon new bypassed popular PV. 1958 Gunnar Andersson driving PV 544 won the European Rally Championship. In 1965, the Volvo brand has won the World Rally Championship. Volvo became the first company in the world, was established in 1959 the three-point seat belt in the car commercially available. The creator of a new seat belt Nils Bohlen received many awards, but more importantly, this belt has saved millions of lives. The product range has expanded, and in 1959 appeared a sports car coupe Volvo P 1800. In 1966 Volvo 144 released – “the safest car of the world”, won the title in the Nordic countries “Car of the Year.” In 1974 the presentation of the Volvo 240 – a more modern and safer than cars Series 140. He remained on sale until 1993 and was released in the amount of 2.8 million copies. In the Netherlands in 1976 it released Volvo 343, an important new model with a unique powertrain, dubbed “Rem-Johan” (Belt-Johan). First, the car had some shortcomings, but eventually “childhood diseases” have been healed, and the model has gained popularity. Volvo – the world’s first car manufacturer to introduce in 1976 the catalytic converter and lambda probe. In 1982, he gained worldwide success model Volvo 760. At this time, due to changing trends in the market, the company was experiencing difficulties. Following the Volvo 760 were more massive, “democratic” model 740, quickly won Sweden and other countries. In 1985, the Netherlands launched the Volvo 480 ES – spectacular sports coupe, which became the first front wheel drive car Volvo. After it appeared in 1988 Volvo 440, and a little later – the Volvo 460 sedan. Occurrence: Volvo 960 and 940 occurred in 1990. Volvo 960 had an aluminum six-cylinder engine, was collected on a new engine plant in Skövde and develops no less than 240 hp The car quickly came to grips with the opponents of a class “lux” – primarily German. Volvo 940 as earlier models 740 and 240, became the people’s car. In 1991, the market left the family car Volvo – 850, which was a great success. With the help of the SIPS and other innovations, Volvo showed looks like a reliable system of protection against side impact. In 1994 the company Volvo released a completely new version of the Volvo 960. Volvo factory in Born in 1995 were issued new contenders for success – Volvo S40 and V40. In 1996, the public is presented Volvo C70 Coupe. This compartment, which appeared after the Volvo C70 Cab, collected at the plant in Uddevalla, which Volvo held in conjunction with Tom Walkinshaw Racing. In 1997 it released the car V70 Cross Country. In 2000, out 2000 Volvo V70 second generation created on a large platform. At the same time there was a car Volvo Cross Country. Volvo S80, which was shown to have the power of 272 hp, as well as an inflatable curtain, IC and system of protection against whiplash impact WHIPS – the world’s first safety equipment of this type in 2000, this model is recognized as the safest car in the world. In 1999 the Department of cars Volvo Cars was sold to Ford Motor Company. In 2000 it released a third model developed on a large platform – sporty Volvo S60. In Detroit in 2002, the premiere SUV – Volvo XC90. “Volvo” has won a reputation for expensive, prestigious, reliable and safe machines (widely known for the role of the company in the development and implementation of advanced safety systems, for which the company has repeatedly udastaivalas international awards).