uaz-logo“UAZ”, “UAZ» (UAZ), a Russian company for the production of cars and trucks. The factory was founded in 1942 on the basis of the evacuated part of the equipment of the Moscow ZIL plant. Already in February the same year, the first cars were assembled, in 1943 their production reached 4 million. After the war was arranged production of the famous “UAZ” based on the GAZ-69. In 1972 the factory switched to the mass production of off-road vehicles UAZ-469 and UAZ-469 B. In the years of stagnation UAZ provided the Soviet army and the armies of the Warsaw Pact superreliable, unpretentious SUV, which operated both in terms of good roads, and in the thick mud. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union for the plant fell on hard times, required a radical restructuring of all its activities in a market economy. Yet UAZ is selected from the crisis, gradually increasing production of its vehicles. If in 1996 there were issued 69 thousand., Then in 1997 – already more than 100 thousand. In recent years, new models such as the UAZ-3153 (engine power 100-107 hp) and four-wheel drive SUV fundamentally new UAZ-3160 (also the engine power 100-107 hp, top speed of 130 km/h) capable of carrying up to seven people. Back in 2000, around 2,000 kits will go to the assembly plants located in Ukraine and Belarus. Increasing Physical take place in new types of machines.