suzuki-logo“Suzuki» (Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.), a Japanese company specializing in the production of small and compact cars terrain. Headquartered in Hamamatsu. By 2001, one-third owned concern “General Motors”. Suzuki Company was founded Michio Suzuki (Machio Suzuki) in a small village on the coast Hamamutsu Japan in 1920 and engaged in the production of looms. The project to create a small car was launched in 1937, and by 1939 several compact prototype cars were finished. Development of the project was halted when the government declared civilian passenger cars that are “immaterial goods” and Suzuki ordered to stop production. After the war, Suzuki gaze turned again to the automotive industry. The result is a motorized bicycle, called Power Free. Designed to be inexpensive and simple in construction and maintenance of Power Free was equipped with a 36 cc. cm. two-stroke engine. An unprecedented feature was in the Two-sprocket gear system that allows a person using pedal assist motor or disconnect the pedals and move only with the help of the engine. By 1954, Suzuki was producing 6,000 motorcycles per month and changed the company name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. After the success of the first motorcycles, Suzuki created his first car: 1955 Suzulight. The car included a radical innovations such as the front and four-wheel drive, independent suspension and steering gear such as rail. Four decades later, these features become standard in vehicles throughout the world. 1967 Presented by the new generation of front-wheel drive models Fronte-360. Cars equipped with 2-tsilinrovym engine capacity of 30 liters. from. The end of the 70s. marked by the appearance of the original all-wheel microcar Jimny, equipped with a 3-cylinder engine volume of 539 and 797 cubic meters. cm. An improved version Jimny series “SJ410” presented in 1981. The car over the years has been exported to many countries. In 1977, Suzuki took the production of engines for motor boats. By the 1980s, Suzuki sold a full line of two-stroke engines, ranging from a modest 2 hp a powerful 225 liters. from. Along the way, Suzuki introduced a number of major technological advances: computer-controlled motor for optimal performance of the engine. Suzuki – the first company to give a three-year limited warranty – the longest ever offered for marine engines. In 1981 he was released the first model Alto. For the European market the car is equipped with a one-liter 4-cylinder engine capacity of 54 hp On request the machine is made with a five-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic. Since the autumn of 1994, this model is done in India. To attract customers demand 5-door hatchback is priced at 3-door. Since 1982, commercial production of a new generation of microcars Fronte/Alto/Cervo with 2-, 3- and 5-door and 3-cylinder engine capacity of 29-40 liters. from. In 1983, the market produced passenger car Cultus (Swift) a liter. Swift car model produced for the European market in Hungary in the company Suzuki. Release Swift markedly reduced and is now performed only the 3- and 5-door hatchback variants in GLS and GC-efficient 1.0-liter engine with 53 hp In 1985, Suzuki has made a major breakthrough by introducing a car line in the United States. For 30 years, Suzuki has created a reputation of Japan as a world-renowned manufacturer of small cars. Suzuki released the US market model with all-wheel drive transmission, 4WD Samurai. Suzuki Samurai were snapped up by hundreds of thousands of Americans who want sport and practical means of transportation. In 1988, there was such a well-known model Suzuki, as the Escudo (Vitara), is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine producing 95 hp and all-wheel drive. Model: Vitara variety of different names and versions. In the US, the car is known as the Geo Tracker, in Japan – as the Escudo. The car comes with a three- or five-door body, with soft or hard top. We also produce long wheelbase five-door “wagon» Vitara Long, which is equipped with the type of engine on request. 1990 began with a change of name to Suzuki Motor Corporation. Lineup updated and expanded in 1991 began production of a small 2-seater car Cappuccino. In 1993 the introduction of the Wagon R, the start of production and sales in Egypt, signed a contract on the opening of a joint venture in China, the opening of a plant in Hungary. The following year, in 1994 the total number of cars produced in Japan reached 10 million. In 1995 came a new model – the subcompact passenger car Baleno, X-90, built on the chassis Vitara, as well as the electric bike LOVE. In the United States began selling models under the name Metro Geo. In Europe, the start of sales of Metro under the brand Chevrolet. Presentation Model Gran Vitara, equipped with an engine capacity of 1.6-2.5 liters and 107-160 liters. with it held in 1997 1998 – model Kei, and Grand Vitara (for overseas markets), 1999 – 7-seater Every +. The total amount issued in 1999 reached 40 million motorcycles. Also in 1999, it was signed a business agreement with Fuji Heavy Industries. By 2000, Suzuki has reached the 12th place among the world’s automakers with the value of sales of about 1.8 million units per year. Noting its 80th anniversary, the company changed the president (he was Masao Toda), founded the Foundation for Education and Culture has launched a new model – Wagon R Solio and Grand Escudo. And in 2001 the US market was a new model – the 7-seater SUV XL-7 is the biggest size car Suzuki. In Japan, it was presented with the passenger Aerio 1.5 liter engine, Aerio Sedan, 7-seater Every Landy with an engine of 1.3 liters, as well as a mini-car MR Wagon. The company stopped using lead in painting cars and motorcycles. Besides automotive products were released new models of motorcycles – the big 1.2-liter GS1200SS, 400 cc Intruder Classic American style, GSX1400 and others. It was announced a product collaboration Suzuki and General Motors – Chevrolet Cruze, and reached an agreement with Kawasaki and Nissan. 2002 – the introduction of the Jimny Sierra, small car Alto Lapin, start exporting Chevrolet Cruze. From a small group of talented engineers working on looms, Suzuki has grown into a worldwide company numbering nearly 15 000 people who create and distribute products in more than 170 countries.