subaru-logo“Subaru» (Subaru-Fuji Industries Ltd.), a Japanese company specializing in the production of cars and trucks, is involved in the aircraft industry and manufactures industrial equipment. Headquartered in Tokyo. In 1956 the company Fuji («Fuji”) founded the branch of Subaru, which was originally released mopeds Rabbit («Rabbit” – “Rabbit”). Two years later, the company released the car Minicar 360 (“Mini Car 360”), which was larger than would follow from the title. Initially 360 Subaru sales were rather low, nouzhe two years later this figure has increased significantly, and Subaru has become a leading manufacturer of cars of a similar class in the country. In 1960, in parallel with the 360-cubic model begins production of 450 series (in Japan it was called Maja), equipped with engine capacity of 423 cubic meters. cm and a capacity of 23 hp In 60 years of 360-I model has continued to evolve continuously: in 1961 engine power increased to 18 hp, and the speed – up to 90 km/h; three years later she made her debut version of the 360 DeLuxe/Custom with a 20-horsepower engine, which in 1969 was replaced by a new generation of Subaru 360, known as R-2, with a motor of 25 “horses”. At the same time began the production of the charged modified “people’s” Subaru – Sport 360, developing, thanks to the power of 36 hp and speed of 120 km/h. At the same time improves the quality of the manufacture of machines of the brand (as well as all Japanese automakers, to the mid-70s outstripped on this indicator not only American brand, and leveled with the West). In 1965, the company has expanded its production program a completely new model in 1000, which became Japan’s first mass-produced cars with front-wheel drive. In 1969 machine-liter engine has undergone modernization, and then received the designation FF. With this model, which received later called Leone, it launched a successful offensive Hiroshima firms in foreign markets. In July 1972, Subaru launched the two models – front-wheel Leone 1400 FD and four-wheel drive Leone 1400 4WD. This event was a milestone in the history of the brand. Completely independent development company – front-wheel model FE – appeared on the market in 1968. In the same year the company became part of corporation Nissan («Nissan”) though remained an independent brand. The company’s assembly plants were opened outside of Japan, particularly in New Zealand and Thailand. In July 1972, replaced the Subaru R-2 come with a two-cylinder model Rex 356 cc engine, which had a water cooling. In August 1981, the premiere of the second generation of Rex (3- and 5-door hatchback with front-wheel drive). At the Tokyo Motor Show in 1983 the family was supplemented with all-wheel drive version of the Rex 4WD. Once in 1974, Leone revealed outside of Japan, started a real boom in sales. For two years it has been sold 100.000 Leone, of which 30,000 have gone to the United States. Since that time, cars with all-wheel drive became specialized Subaru. After 15 years of steady growth in the mid-80s Subaru annual production level closer to the mark of 250,000 vehicles, of which 53% is exported. The company managed to achieve unconditional acceptance in the US market, and the United States became the main importer of the brand: the proportion accounted for 58.1% of America! Meanwhile expanded range of bodies Leone, and in addition to the sedan appeared wagon, coupe and even a pickup truck called Brat. In the fall of 1984 in a commercially available version of Leone – 1800 4WD model with a completely new look and 90-horsepower engine. Customers are offered three types of body – a five-door station wagon and sedan in the normal (Station) and “luxury” (Super Station) configuration. In the eighties, Subaru had in his range cars of several series: completely renovated Rex, a new, slightly larger in size, Justy, flagship Leone/1800 and highly original minivan Domingo/Libero, of course also with all-wheel drive. Since 1982, the company’s engines were equipped with turbocharger. In 1984, four-wheel drive Justy received electronically controlled CVT V-belt ECVT. The model comes in three- and five-door version. The car has good traction qualities, and is equipped with power steering. The mansion is a luxury sports car XT Turbo, formally refers to the 1800 series, but, nevertheless, looks radically different from their counterparts. At home in Japan, sold under the name HT Alcyone. In 1987, replaced veteran Leone came the latest model Legacy. By the time the company refused to Hiroshima on the interrupted rear-wheel drive and a fully switched to 4WD. The announcement was made at the Chicago International Auto Show. Tokyo Motor Show in 1989 showed the world another novelty from Subaru: SVX sports car class GT. This all-wheel drive sports coupe with a high degree of glazing surface was equipped with a six-cylinder boxer engine of 3.3 liters capacity of 250 hp The car reaches a top speed of 230 km/h and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds. In today’s performance SVX roof painted in the body color. Car Libero can not be assigned to any category due to its tiny size. The machine is designed for 6 passengers or 600 kg and can be successfully used for family trips out of town. In 1990, the scale of the company a new name – Vivio. Purely urban compact car engine had just 658 cc and equipped with already well-established CVT ECVT. Four-wheel drive super-Vivio up to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. On the basis of this rabid kid was prepared rally car, in which the pilot Colin McRae has successfully performed at the “Safari Rally.” Since 1992, Subaru offers a novelty on the market by the name of Impreza, one of the most legendary and celebrated the participation in rally competition car. Suffice it to say that in the world rally championship on account of Subaru five victories in individual and three – in the team event. Wheel Drive Impreza with two-liter turbocharged engine has become the benchmark for others to follow from other automakers. The car is based on the Impreza platform shortened Legacy. The model comes with a four-body “sedan”, a five-door “hatchback” and a two-door “coupe”. In 2000 model Impreza received a special award for “excellent concept car and its technical features” in the competition “Car of the Year 2000/2001” in Japan. In 1994 came a new generation Legacy. Soon his company’s engineers have created the basis, we can say, revolutionary novelty. Of course, it was the Outback, discovered a new class of cars, sports cars wagon with SUV capabilities. Then there will be Audi Allroad, and Volvo V70XC, but the Outback, at least in the 90’s, was the first. On the wave of success in 1997, it has developed a model Forester, another novelty of Subaru, are outside the traditional automotive typology. In September 1997, it was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The machine is equipped with two-liter boxer engine producing 122 hp and a five-speed manual transmission and a sports utility vehicle From the latest innovations of the company may be called a concept Subaru HM-01, created based on the first car of the company – 360, launched back in 1958. This mikrash has a combined power plant – the front wheels in motion causes tiny gasoline engine of 658 cubic meters. See, aggregated with the CVT i-CVT, while the rear wheel rotates the motor 5 kW. But at the Detroit salon in 2002 he was shown a pickup Subaru Baja, designed on the basis of a well-known Outback. At the beginning of the XXI century, the total production of Subaru cars close to half a million. In addition to the release of hi-tech car, the concern Fuji Heavy Industries and engaged in other activities: from metallurgy and machine-tool – to the production of components of jet airliners and spacecraft.