skoda-logo“Skoda» (Skoda Automobilova AS), a Czech company to produce cars. The headquarters is located in the town of Mlada Boleslav. Part of the concern “Volkswagen”. “Skoda” bylaosnovana in 1925 by the renowned Czech company “Laurin & Klement” («Laurin & Klement”). The appearance of the logo associated with the name Emil Skoda, which became in 1866 the chief engineer of mechanical workshops in Pilsen, which belonged Arnost Waldstein. Over time, the products of company Skoda become famous in the world. First, there was the first new car Skoda 4R, and in the early thirties, just after the world’s industrial crisis, begins to create a fundamentally new car Skoda 420. The four-cylinder engine capacity of 20 liters. s., 3-speed, made in a block with the main transmission, allows a speed of 60 km/h, with fuel consumption of 8 liters/100 km. The car has been designed for four seats, had two doors and the trunk, which can be opened from the outside, and that is a rarity for the cars of the time. During the Second World War in the shops of Skoda, which were controlled by Nazi Germany made military equipment, trucks and gas-generating only a small number of cars. In the history of this car went under the name of Tudor, descended from the merger of the words Two door – “two doors”. The car continued to call because even when production was released four-door body modification. But according to the first new post-war car was the Skoda 420, released in 1953 and received the popular name of Spartacus. The car was a 4-cylinder engine capacity of 40 liters. from. The device chassis has been traditional for Skoda – spinal frame. In the late 50’s car made a new front suspension – instead of transverse leaf springs installed springs and telescopic shock absorbers. The rear transverse leaf spring remained. Modification considered a new model, and given its own name – Octavia. The car turned out good, and it produced until 1971. And since the beginning of the 70s. in the history of Skoda brand comes a new era – the designers create a sporty coupe 2 +2 – Skoda 110R, which in turn served as the prototype of a sports car that can be a worthy competitor in the sport routes. This body established by the engine serial machines, but increased to 1289 cc. volume. Subsequently, its capacity was raised to 140 liters. from. at 8500 rev/min. The car was given the index – Skoda 130RS. Skoda 130RS acted as a rally and on the ring. The biggest success came to her on the racing circuit in 1981. Then Skoda won the European title among factory teams, and even surpassed BMW. In the 80-ies. automakers have created a Czech Skoda Favorit – a car that is claimed to be the leading car the entire socialist community, able to create competition Soviet Zhiguli. For problem-solving Automobile embarked government, which has decided to sell the factory to overseas investors. In this role claimed by 24 companies, among which were such as BMW, GM, Renault. However, the best conditions offered Volkswagen, keep the production model Favorit, raising its quality. The secret to the popularity of Skoda in a harmonious combination of price and quality of this car. German designers managed to fix all the flaws and defects of Skoda Favorit, turning it in 1994 in an elegant Felicia, which is both its technical characteristics and the design is more like Western counterparts than car produced by the country, previously assigned to the socialist camp. This success came with the release of a radically new car for Skoda – Octavia. His first show was held in September 1996 at the Paris Motor Show. Appearance Skoda Octavia brings the car with their Western counterparts dynasty Volkswagen. It has been tested on the new Octavia base platform group – Golf IV, as a result, and Golf, Octavia, and found their buyers, and the Volkswagen Group at the time wholly owned by Skoda. In March 1998, it was presented to the updated version (facelift) models and Skoda Felicia Skoda Felicia Combi and wagon Skoda Octavia Combi. Proof of this was the appearance of the model Fabia in late 1999, which since has become a stylistic point of view of a brand new car, while retaining the brand characteristics of Skoda. By 2000, “Skoda” was the only company that has managed to increase sales in Germany. The most popular model of the Fabia and limo its variation – the compact Fabia Combi. In 2001, Skoda presented the updated Skoda Superb.