saab-logo“Saab» (Saab, Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget) – Swedish company, specializing in the production of cars and trucks. The headquarters is located in Trollhättan. It belongs concern “General Motors”. The company was founded in April 1937 for the production of military aircraft. The idea was born to produce cars after the war, when a small aeronautical engineer brigade headed by Gunnar Lungstremom (Gunnar Ljungstrem) was attached to the laboratory technical design Sixten Sason, one of the divisions of “Saab”. G. Linstrema concept formed the basis of the first prototype car (Saab 92.001), issued by the end of 1946 and refers to a small class. There once were the hallmark of “Saab” – a magnificent aerodynamic body (close relatives of affected aircraft), an independent wheel suspension. Equipped with the first cars were twin-piston engines such as DKW, which were later replaced with more powerful engines. Three years later, it launches the first large range of sports, “Saab”, consisting of two modifications: Saab Standart 92 and 92 DeLuxe. In 1955, at the upcoming Saab 93 appeared tubeless tires and a new 3-cylinder engine. From the next, 1956, in the range of “Saab” there is a sports car Saab Sonett, which was designed as an open two-seater class. His body was made of fiberglass. Lucky wagon Saab 95 in 1959 laid the foundation for the commercial success of the company loud and Saab 96 in 1960 sold well all 60s. The fame of the company at this time brought and victory in international competitions: Eric Carlson (Carlsson) for three consecutive years – 1960, 1961 and 1962 – won on the Saab 96 in the British stage of the World Rally Championship, and in 1962 and 1963 – Rally in Monte Carlo. The company was a pioneer in many initiatives related to the security of the car: there were seat belts (1962), ventilated discs, high-impact door beams. The immediate thing the company is taking care of all kinds, and the convenience of drivers and passengers: a model of “99” is equipped with wipers for headlights, heated seats and self-repairing bumpers. Since 1968, “Saab” has teamed up with the producer of trucks by Scania-Vabis (“Scania-Vabis’). After 1971, when Stig Blomqvist (Blomqvist) won two stages of the world championship rally on the same Saab model 99, the company’s interest to release a sports car faded, and with the exception of Saab Sonett II, double modification, designed exclusively for the American market, the company has not released no sports car. The company has focused its efforts on improving the 99th model that, starting with the 900, presented in 1978, now is one of the prestigious and very expensive cars. Since 1979 goda “Saab” has been cooperating with the designers of the company “Lancia” (Lancia). Saab 9000, concept development which ended in 1984, marked a new, third stage in the history of the company volte-face. In 1989, “General Motors” acquires a majority (50%) stake in the company “Saab”, giving corporations another access to the European market. In 1997 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, introduced a new version of the Saab 9000 – Saab 9-3. Also in 1997 the company introduced a brand new Saab 9-5, on which work began in 1993. Modern cars “Saab” is a sample of “Scandinavian design” with its elegant simplicity. Aerodynamic lines make the car company recognizable in today’s “crowd”. Another feature of these “smart” machines – the maximum convenience and ease of management. Although every time it seems that more amenities to come up with a vehicle mass is not possible, the designers of the company each time the consumer mind-boggling. Since January 2000 company Saab Automobile AB has moved to full ownership of the corporation “General Motors”.