renault-logo“Renault» (Renault, Regie nationale des usines Renault), the French state car company, the largest in the country. It produces cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles. Headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt (a small town near Paris). History began with the first car assembled Louis Renault (Louis Renault) in 1898. Next machine, known as a “model A” De Dion engine with a capacity of 1.75 hp on the tubular frame it was very successful, and Louis with his older brothers organized a company «Brothers of Renault» (Renault Freres), already in 1899 made and sold 15 “Models A”. For your car, Louis constructed gear box in which the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels is not a chain, and shaft with universal joints. This scheme is the main gear remained unchanged until now had rear-wheel drive cars. The brothers addicted to motor racing and important place in their early business took racing and sport models. Since 1900, the company moves to the issue of the large and powerful machines. This model AG1 with elegant and comfortable various bodies “capuchin”, “double-phaeton”, “landau”, rare at that time, closed limousines. In 1906, at the motor show in Berlin, the company presents its first bus. One of the first, in 1905, “Renault Brothers” produced cars-taxi with a body “landole.” These machines, nicknamed “Brownings” because of its black color and its shape, became famous during the First World War, when 600 Parisian taxi-Renault was mobilized as soon as possible to transport 5000 soldiers to the river Marne. On behalf of the famous Battle of the taxi and got the nickname “Marne”. This car even a monument. For the needs of the French army the company delivered and other equipment, ships, aircraft engines (the first aircraft engine is assembled in 1908). Louis Renault constructed even quite successful at that time the tanks. For the Emperor was made car limousine landole chassis Renault, for the heir to the throne was acquired “Renault Bebe” light little car, very easy to manage and use. Confiscated from the “exploiters” “Reno” is known to be carried and Lenin. Taxis were purchased “Reno” and the new socialist Moscow, equipment and technology became the basis of Renault plant KIM, known to us as AZLK. In 1930 there were original buses with open platform. Brilliant sports results continuously accompany firm. Himself Louis Renault after the death of his brother no longer sat behind the wheel, but the company cars invariably decorate their presence numerous race. Note remarkable achievement in 1923 – the first crossing of the Sahara desert six-wheel prototype. Model Zhyuva 4 with independent front-wheel drive, which appeared in 1935, became a new word in the design, not evaluated in due time. World War II brought the company significant damage. Plants in Billancourt were destroyed by Allied bombing, he Louis Renault was accused of collaboration with the Nazi occupiers and died, disgraced, in prison. In 1945 the company was nationalized and became a state-owned enterprise, which received its present name. In 1946 there is a mass model 4CV, together with the famous Citroen 2CV, «which put the French on the wheel.” By 1949 end reconstruction of the plant and by 1954 produced 500 thousand 4CV. In 1958 comes into operation a new engine plant, “Reno” in Cleon (Normandy). Renault 4 with front-wheel drive became popular “small national car” (production of this model was more than 8 million pieces). The Renault 16, the front-wheel with polutoralitrovye engine, in 1965 became a pioneer in the introduction of the production of the body “hatchback”, such as we see it today. This car is a versatile and comfortable interior, a characteristic French soft wheel suspension became elegant and practical car for the French middle class. In 1966, Renault signed an agreement with Peugeot and Volvo to combine technical resources. In the 1970s the company began a period of rapid growth: there are new plants in the north of France, the joint venture of Renault and Peugeot. Models of Renault 5 and Renault 12 are the most sold in the world of French cars. In 1979 the company began to promote the prestigious American market by signing an agreement with “American Motors Corporation” Renault, in turn, is obliged to promote cars “American Motors Corporation” in the European market. In 1982 Renault 9 is produced in the United States under the name of Alliance and there elected car of the year (this car became a staunch ally of James Bond in one of the great movie of this series). Mini-van Renault Espace was first presented in Brussels in the summer of 1984. In 1988, demonstrated performance of all-wheel drive Quadra. In 1996, a new generation model with a transverse engine, increased body dimensions. In autumn 1997 released Grand with lengthened. Since 1998, the car is equipped with new engines. In 1987, “American Motors Corporation” ceded Corporation Chrysler. The range of products occupy an important place Renault Trucks: The company also joined the department of heavy trucks the company Citroen, cars M. Berliet, Saviem. In 1974-83 “Renault” controlled-known company for the production of trucks Mack Trucks Inc. Premiere Renault 25 in November 1983 passed triumphantly. In June 1988, the appearance of Renault 25 modernized. In April 1992, the range of Renault 25 replaced by a new high-end models – Renault Safrane. In March 1986 came the next generation of Renault under the index 21 (factory index of sedan body L48, versatile – K48). Universal, which appeared six months later under his own name Nevada, has an elongated body 150 mm. In Europe, the Renault 21/Nevada produced until 1995, when it replaced the model Laguna. In the summer of 1988 of Renault strengthened its position in the most popular European class with a compact car, presenting hatchback Renault 19. In 1991 appeared immediately became one of the most popular in the open class of Renault 19 Cabriolet. Since 1996, Renault 19 in Europa performance sedan was one of the best-selling domestic market of new cars are imported. In 1990 start of production of the model Clio, which for many years has been one of the best selling models in France. The second generation Clio appeared in 1998 and immediately gained popularity. In autumn 1999 released a modification Clio Sport with an engine of 2.0/16. At the Paris Motor Show shows a conceptual model of Laguna roadstar. 1991 – titled year: Clio awarded the title of “Car of the Year”, Renault Ligne – AE “Truck of the Year”, Renault FR1 – “Bus of the Year” and Raymond Levy is awarded the title of “President of the Year.” In the same year in Frankfurt shows a conceptual model Scenic. Born March 31, 1992 Renault Twingo and is a model Renault Safrane. At the Paris Motor Show a model of Zoom. In November 1993, demonstrated high-power performance of Biturbo engine with 268 liters. from. with two turbochargers and four-wheel drive. In September 1996, re-designed models and new engines are installed. Since 1999, the car is equipped with the engine 3,0-V6. In 1993 at the Geneva Motor show the promise of a new concept car Racoon. In December 1993, it represented a middle class car Renault Laguna. Released the summer of 1995 touring Nevada. At the Paris motor show in 2000 demonstrated the second generation of the model Laguna II. In 1994, a conceptual model of Argos demonstrated in Geneva. In September 1995, the first show of the model Megane (successor to Renault models 19). The car has several versions – Classic, Cabriolet, Coupe and Estate. In spring 1999 released a modification of the station wagon. Presentation of the prototype “Renault Sport Spider” at the Geneva Motor Show. 1996 Presentation of the minivan Renault Scenic, established on the basis of the model Megane. In spring 1999 re-designed model. In Geneva show promising Fiftie. Available in aluminum sports Spaider. 1997 Release of the new cargo van Renault Kangoo. In 1998 it released a modification Pampa with increased ground clearance and reinforced suspension. Also in 1997, demonstrated a new conceptual models and Definitive Lahure. In 1998, a century marked the release of the new Renault Clio 2. At the Geneva show project Zo, with the first European direct-injection petrol engine and Vel Satis project 1999 Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the company “Nissan”. The first display on the base model Avantime Renault Espace. With this car the French do ahead of time, namely, as translated car, thinking of making a minivan-class cars. 2000 At the Geneva show terrain vehicle Koleos Renault cars have added bright pages in the history of world motor sport. Team “Reno” has repeatedly won in Formula racing “24 Hours of Le Mans,” Paris-Dakar rally and other prestigious competitions. With the “Reno” cooperate outstanding racing drivers of the day – Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher.