chevrolet-logo“Chevrolet» (Chevrolet Motor Division), the leading branch of concern “General Motors”, specializing in the production of passenger cars, pickups and SUVs. Headquartered in Warren, a suburb north of Detroit (Michigan). The company “Chevrolet Motor Car” was founded in 1911 by the founder of the company “General Motors” by William Durant. Ceased to operate “General Motors”, he vigorously create new companies. Being largely businessman, not an engineer, before leaving the “General Motors” Durant took with him a promising and interesting development of the car, on the improvement of which he was invited to work a popular racer Louis Chevrolet, who gave the new company his famous resounding name. The first model is quite successful Classic Six («Classic Six”) – a spacious five-seat sedan with a 6-cylinder engine producing 30 horsepower, with electric lighting, four doors, the hood, the windshield, but in addition to all of this accompanied a personal set of working tools, it was presented in 1912. Then there were the Little Four («Little Four”) with a 4-cylinder engine. But the price of the first-born – $ 2,500 – was unreasonable for the buyer, and so he had no success. Popular then Ford-T was worth five times cheaper. William Durant realized that the key to success lies not in the luxurious vehicle, and in its simplicity and low cost. He walked away from the production of luxury models and began to produce low-cost 4-cylinder cars – cars Open Baby Grand («Baby Grand”) and sports Royal Mail («Royal Mail”). It was on these models for the first time in 1914 there was the famous logo “Chevrolet” – bow tie. 1916, their base was created by Chevrolet-490 (this was its original price), which brought the company great glory. These cheap but reliable cars have become as popular as “Fords”. They were 4-cylinder engines of 2.8 liters. The machine was so successful, that was produced until 1922, and gave birth to no less famous model “Superior”, which existed until 1927. At Chevrolet-490 was a simple 3-speed gearbox, the two rigid axle suspended on springs. As in the “Ford”, everything was simplified to the extreme, but these machines have electric lights and starter of what was then a rarity even in expensive cars. It is with the 490-th model and began specialize in Chevrolet’s cheap and simple car that brought her worldwide fame. In 1917, the company appears your engine, V-type 8-cylinder, but at the time it did not find sufficient demand. Dynamic, diverse and well-selling models “Chevrolet” brought financial success Durant, who was able to regain control of the “General Motors” and in 1918 annexed to the corporation company “Chevrolet”, whose products for many years was the decoration of the production scale of the corporation. Engineers and designers “Chevrolet” did a lot for the development of the global automotive industry. In this department in 1923 it was released the first car equipped with air-cooled engine. In 1928, the model appears “International Six”, also known under the symbol “AB”. In 1929 it was developed single-row 6-cylinder engine that produced up to 1984. Model “Master” published in 1933, and in 1934 department “Chevrolet” was the first to equip their vehicles independent suspension front wheels, which greatly facilitate handling and reduce tire wear . During the “Great Depression” the company finally surpassed “Ford” on sales. In 1935, the model of “Suburban Karrioll» (Suburban Carryall, literally “suburban crew”) marked the beginning of a new class – multi-purpose passenger vehicles. In 1949 it took place the emergence of new models of “Special” and “De Luxe”. Since 1950 the company began to apply their models to automatic transmissions. In 1953, “Chevrolet” produces the first car line Corvette («Corvette”) with a body made of fiberglass, which is regarded as the first attempt to create a purely American sports car. Equipped with an upgraded engine “Chevrolet” with a displacement of 3.8 liters and an automatic transmission, “Corvette”, but there is no demand, but the model is saved equipping its new V-shaped 8-cylinder engine and the modernization of the frame in 1955. In addition, the former automatic transmission was replaced with a mechanical. Since 1956 “Corvette” becomes a real sports car, whose appearance is consistent with its pick-up and whose power reaches 290 hp by 1961 “283 Corvette” with the injection of fuel has reached 315 hp and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in some 5.5 seconds. Since 1963, when the model of the “Corvette” seems to car showrooms, it becomes the object of universal admiration in some way symbolizing American style in the automotive industry as a whole. Body “Corvette Sting Ray” in 1963, developed the company’s design department, headed by William (Bill) Mitchell, gave the impression of ultra supermoschi for shortening and facilitating database. This model was equipped with a new frame with independent suspension and rear wheels feature a unique performance. It seemed to limit the power of the machines “Chevrolet” is not – by 1966 seven-liter engine model “427” has already reached 560 hp Ill-considered changes in the design model in 1968 because of the pressure is not too justified innovations have led to a drop in demand, which was restored in the future, not returning, unfortunately almost religious reverence for the earlier models. Since 1984 “Corvette” is available in coupe and convertible versions with V-shaped 8-cylinder engines. In 1958, in light of the new models come out “Biscayne”, “Bel Air” and “Impala”. By 1960, the company prepared to release compact models “Corvair”. In 1961, the first fashion show “Chevi 11?. Since 1963, it started production of the “Chevelle” The 1965 model’s release “Malibu”. The 1966 edition sports model “Camaro”. The appearance of the model “Monte Carlo” is happening in 1969 Since the beginning of 1970 production of cars smaller. The appearance of the model “Vega”. In 1974 start of production of the model “Monza”. In 1979 the company began to produce front-wheel drive cars with transversely located powertrains. The first in this series was the model “Sitation”. Presentation Model “Cavallier” took place in 1981 Chevrolet USA Metro, was first introduced in 1983 under the name of GEO, in 1998 sold under the name Chevrolet, in February 1999, a new modification. Chevrolet USA Prizm, middle-class sedan based on the Toyota Corolla. Produced in California together with the Japan-US company Nummi. Since 1998 the model is sold under this name before – called GEO. Chevrolet USA Alero midsize sedan (on the European classification) class with a transverse engine. It was first introduced in Europe in February 1999. Currently popular worldwide use wheel-drive wagons Blazer («Blazer”) and Venture («Venture”) with increased capacity. “Blazers” is extremely popular in our country. For the first time in its modern form, Blazer was introduced in Sao Paulo in 1995. In the same year was awarded the title of “SUV of the Year” authoritative magazine «Motor Trend». In the mid-size class leader “Lumina» (Lumina) (first show in 1987), for which the company has found the optimum ratio of power with the selling price. In the United States in the class “luxury” successfully sold Suburban («Suburban”), known as “Texas limousine” representing “Chevrolet” in the sector of luxury cars. SUV TAHOE, presented in 2000, has a unique-in-class torque. It was first presented in 1992. Chevrolet USA Super Sport Roadster Concept, a concept pickup truck, was first presented to the public display in January 2000 at the Detroit auto show.