porsche-logo“Porsche» (Dr.Ing. Hc Ferry Porsche AG), a German automotive company. Headquartered in Stuttgart. The company founded by the famous designer Ferdinand Porsche, Sr. as the design bureau in 1931 in Germany. For “Auto Unión” in 1936 it was designed race car Type 22. After a successful race “Auto-Union” were born the first versions of the future “people’s car” at all times – the famous “Beetle”, “Volkswagen”, who had both Name -Type 60. In 1937, the “Third Reich” needed a race car to participate and, of course, winning the marathon Berlin – Rome, scheduled for September 1939. It was then that the project received the support of Porsche and the National Sports Committee. Work has begun to boil. It is to this event all the same base “Beetle”, or rather “KdF” (name until 1945), were built three prototypes “Porsche” “Type-60K-10” with a souped-up 50 “horses”, “engine” ( instead of the standard 24 hp). But to see the light of this model prevented the war. The war years were given to the implementation of government orders – scale manufacturing of cars, amphibious tanks and self-propelled guns. In post-war Germany in 1948, the company launches its first car under the name “Porsche” – a small sports “Porsche 356” with a souped-up engine and folksvagenovskim sleek coupe. Not having to do his first steps, the machine was able to win the race a week after “birth”. Serial machines “Porsche 356” were already zadnemotornyh. “356” was produced until 1965 and served as a base for the model Carrera («Carrera”). Considering the advantages and good results shown in 1951 model ‘356’ Ferry tries to build a pure sports car. They began in 1953, “the Porsche 550 Spyder.” This car has repeatedly scored one victory after another. Thanks to his participation (and victory) in the car race “Carrera Panamericana” in Mexico in 1953 and went to the custom to call this name the fastest model of the company. By 1954 th there was the first “Spider” with direct windshield and soft top. The first “Porsche Carrera” was released in 1955. In addition, this modification is a power plant, a fully developed by the specialists of the company “Porsche”. This is the “heart” transplant, and the model “550”. Then Laura and fell to the creators of the machine. The onset of 1956 brought two events at once: there was an updated version of “356” – model “356A”; in the sports series appeared more “calm” modification “550A”. Two years later, he was born completely new, both externally and internally, racing model “Porsche 718”. At the end of 1958 came to an end so loved everything “Spider”. He was replaced by a more powerful model “356D”. In 1960 he saw the light of the latest version of the dynasty “550-x” – model “718/RS”. In parallel, there was also a closed version of the joint development firms “Porsche” and Italian “Abarth”. With regard to production vehicles, the most important step in the development of scale models was the “Porsche-356V” which was easily recognizable by the high bumper with large vertical “bulls.” The car had three modifications. The most powerful – “Super 90”. In 1961, the model “356 Carrera GS” successfully performed in racing class “Gran Turismo”. Appeared last spring, and the fastest car in the family, “Carrera” – “Carrera 2”. In 1963 he was made a few changes and get the model “356S”. For nearly 15 years, “Porsche 356” was one of the most prestigious sports cars in the world. However, it eventually became less correspond to modern requirements. We had something completely new, to match time. This machine proved to be another masterpiece of Ferdinand Porsche – the world famous “Porsche 911”. In creating this vehicle has been involved son Ferry – Ferdinand Alexander. The new car was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963. In the world of sport, too, there was a worthy replacement. The successor model “RS Spyder” and “356 GS Carrera” was “904 GTS”, which had the features of a racing car. These traits have continued in the following models – “906”, created in 1966. In turn, it was she who became the founder of a large series of cars that have achieved at the end of the 60’s many successes in competitions prototypes (models “907”, “908” and “917”) and is exceptionally reliable and good style. In 1965, he was released a cheaper modification “Porsche 912” with a 4-cylinder engine, “Super 90”. In 1967, the market has finally arrived, “Porsche 911 Targa.” Buyers are now offering a coupe model “Targa” (index “T” in the model name), model suite, which had marked “E” and a modification of “S” – especially for the US, where the company once again returned after a year’s absence. In 1975 came the model “Porsche 924”, which was considered the most economical in the world among sports cars. In 1979 there was a more powerful model “928S” with engine capacity of 300 hp Machine speed reached 250 km/h, 20 km/h higher than the maximum rate of “924 th” model. In 1981, the further development of the 924 model was “Porsche 944”. 220 hp affected the speed – 250 km/h. Three years later, at the Frankfurt Motor Show was presented a prototype of the next masterpiece of minds – a model “959”. Collected all the possible and impossible, it represented the most modern sports car from “Porsche.” Throughout the decades, the class prototypes replenished new successful models “936”, “956” and “962”, which has repeatedly collected the laurels in the race “24 Hours of Le Mans”, “959-I” reigned in the marathon “Paris – Dakar”. In the late 80s there was a model “911 Spyder”. It took three decades before the name “Spider” was resuscitated. With regard turboversii, it saw the light in the new decade – or rather, in 1991. In 1992, a family of “Porsche” replenished with another model with the engine in front – “968”. It replaced the entire range of 944, which by this time ceased to be produced. The next gift designers “Porsche” was the debut at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new-generation model “911” – the type of 993. Two years later came “Porsche” with a 408-horsepower turbocharged boxer. In the same year, he finished his way and did not meet the expectations of the model “928” and “968”. In 1995, the range of “Porsche” added unusual at first glance, “Porsche 911 Targa” with a glass roof, with electrically retractable under the rear window. In order to consolidate its post-crisis situation in the market of sports cars in the class “economy” cars, “Porsche” in 1996 is a completely new type of car – model “Boxter”. The model has a soft (automatic folding) top. Optionally, you can get a version with a hard top. Finally, a “cheap” great competitor “911-ki”. July 15, 1996 was a landmark day in the history of the company: the millionth was produced “Porsche.” They became the “911 Carrera” in police performance. In the field of experimental development of the company, its concept cars, there were very few. Firstly, it’s “Porsche Panamericana” (1989) with a completely new body “a la” Targa “, found its application in modern model of” 911 “to the same body, then” Porsche Boxster “( 1993), subsequently influenced the birth of the production version, and the “S88” (1994) epitomizes the idea of another “people’s car” for China. “Highlight” in 1999 becomes GT3 (996 in the back), which replaced the Spartan RS. Now all races road cars and club racing GT3 model occupies a leading position. According to the dynamics of this model is very close to the great “turbo” – 4.8s. Next year – the triumph of a new turbo based on the 996 model. With a modest 420 hp it reaches “hundreds” of 4.2 seconds. And reaffirms its direct relevance to the rank of supercars. The latest novelty – Carrera GT. It’s more of a prototype such as 959 ten-V-engine light-alloy accelerates faster than a hundred to four seconds, and to 200 km/h – for ten seconds. Ponder for a moment to those numbers!