mclaren-logoBruce McLaren (Bruce McLaren), founder of the team McLaren, was not only the riders but also an engineer. Own team Bruce McLaren Motor Racing he founded at the end of 1963. From that moment, the glorious history of the team Mclaren. Bruce McLaren team was one of the most successful racing in the 60s. For Bruce McLaren motor racing was his life, and victory in the race – the meaning of life. Within five years, he won the first victory in the Grand Prix, and his team have performed brilliantly in a rich series CanAm, winning championships and having huge profits for five years, and has built many copies of their victorious cars for sale. However, they are not gone from the “Formula 1”, while the focus was concentrated on the development program of sports cars. The first own car was the McLaren M1, fitted with an engine Oldsmobile. McLaren M1 raced in CanAm series in 1964. In 1965, Bruce McLaren hired engineer Robin Herd (Robin Herd), who created his first for McLaren single chassis. The first machine was equipped with engines Oldsmobile V8, and was created as a test car for the tire company Firestone. “McLaren-Ford M2V”, appeared in the first Grand Prix of the “three-liter”, “Formula” in Monaco on May 22 reinforced rather outdated, but still a powerful engine “Ford Indy V8». engine, which has been declared unfit. In 1966. Bruce starts in Grand Prix car of its own design and began working on a program of sports car company Ford, but this had to publish M3, which has participated in Formula Libre and was later used in filming of the Grand Prix series. Cooperation with Ford McLaren has brought a stunning success – in 1967 on orange fireballs McLaren M6A Bruce and Danny Hulme (Denny Hulme) won the first five of the six stages of CanAm and occupied the first two lines in the series. Bruce became a champion of the series CanAm, while Danny won the championship of Formula 1, speaking for Brabham. In the same year the company also produced the M4A, which acted John Coombs. Later came the M5A, which was the engine BRM V12. Unfortunately, the new car was not very reliable, and of the 4 final Grand Prix of the season, in which she participated, Bruce McLaren was able to reach the finish line only once. In 1968, McLaren chief designer Robin Herd created a new McLaren M7, and Ford gave the team its new engines – Cosworth DFv. This was the beginning of climbing class racing team in Formula 1. Behind the wheel M7 Bruce McLaren won the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, which was the first victory for the team in racing class Formula 1 and Grand Prix of Belgium. In 1969, Formula 1 attended several versions of McLaren M7. At the British Grand Prix at the wheel M9A played Derek Bell (Derek Bell). In a series CanAm McLaren continued dominance – Bruce McLaren and Danny Hulme won all 11 races and Bruce became a champion again, taking revenge on Danny Hulme. To participate in the Formula 5000 was created McLaren M10A, which Peter Gethin (Peter Gethin) won the championship. In 1970, the team decided to take part in a series Indycar, for it was founded McLaren M15. For Formula 1 it was created M14A. In Formula 5000 was modified M10, and in series CanAm – M8 also modified. But the successful start of the 70th ended in tragedy. First, during the tests M15 from fire arms he got serious burns Danny Hulme, and followed him to the test M8 CanAm car on the track in “Goodwood” Bruce McLaren crashed. It was a big blow for the team. Everyone expected that without the energy and talent of Bruce McLaren team will not last long. But no one suspected that a real triumph and victory is yet to come. After the death of the McLaren team for ten years led Teddy Mayer, then in 1982 it was headed by Ron Dennis, and for the past twenty years «McLaren International» has achieved tremendous successes that have appreciated in the founder. With turf Hyulma team in 70 years entrenched in the upper echelon of teams of leaders, but by the end of the decade, the results were not so good and the team slowly began to fall down. Saved from financial ruin financial support for tobacco giant British American Tobacco, will be located on the sides of cars Mclaren advertising of cigarettes Marlboro. New sponsors stimulated fusion of the team with a new project for Ron Dennis Formula 2. In 1984. team wins 12 of the 16 stages of the championship. Niki Lauda is ahead of his teammate Alain Prost by only half a point and becomes a world champion. Then comes the high point of McLaren. Alain Prost in 1985 and the 86gg. Pitula wins world champion. In 1988 A. Senna brings the team to victory in the constructors’ championship, and the laurels of the world champion. In the season of 1988 and 1989, between Senna and Prost, who plays for McLaren, it was a fierce fight for the title, and so in 1988 it won the Prost and Senna in 1989. It is noteworthy that in 1989, of the 16 Grand Prix Mclaren won 15, the sixteenth victory failed to win due to the fact that both riders went down in a collision between a… In 1987, “McLaren” came Gordon Murray, designer 34 racing cars, won a victory in 41 races Grand Prix. In 1988 he introduced the concept of a supercar head “McLaren”, Ron Dennis, who was captivated by the project presented. The result of the talks was founded March 17, 1989 “McLaren Cars” Ltd. The official presentation of the supercar “F1” held in Monaco Sports Club on May 28, 1992, the eve of the Principality’s Grand Prix. There was declared value of this supercar, plunged into shock very wealthy members – 530,000 pounds. However, 10 people immediately made a down payment on the purchase of this machine. Dubbed the “F1”, this car was originally planned as a road, and not intended for the race track. However, the extraordinary case allows “F1” to develop the highest performance in weight-performance ratio among all ever built road cars: a powerful 6.1-liter twelve-cylinder engine “BMW” (550 hp) and the low weight of the car (a total of 1018 kg) allows the “F1” to achieve unprecedented power density, the excess for normal road car. Transmission six-speed: the first five smoothly accelerates the car to 257 km/h, the sixth – speeds up to 386 km/h. In 1995. Mclaren has signed a contract with Mercedes and the team retreated to fourth place in the championship. After 1995. sotrudnichestvos Mercedes was continued in 1998. It yielded results: Mika Hakkinen wins eight races and become world champion, D. Kuldhard winning once. Just McLaren wins a cup of designers. In 1999. Hakkinen manage otstayat title, but the constructors Cup team gives Ferrari, and McLaren in 2000 completely moved to second place in the standings. February 7 Stuttgart concern DaimlerChrysler obvlyaete the completion of the acquisition of 40% stake in TAG McLaren. The owners of the remaining 60% Ron Dennis and TAG Group SA will continue to exercise direct control of the company. In addition, the decision on the construction of new production facilities. While the machines were huge and had orange paint, which probably contributed to the victory. In connection with this season called “invasion of Orange Elephant”.