lincoln-logo“Lincoln» (Lincoln Motor) – Department of Corporation “Ford Motor”, specializing in the production of cars of a class “lux”. Headquartered in Dearborn (Michigan). Company Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland (Martin Henry Leland) after he was forced to leave the “Cadillac”, who went to the “General Motors”. In 1920-1921, he and his son established the Lincoln Motor Car Company of Delaware, which began for the construction of vehicles. The name was given in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. First produced engines for military aircraft. Henry Leland, founder of V-engine, used it to equip the first model of a class “lux”, dubbed “Lincoln V8». Release of this structurally successful model proved commercially unsuccessful. Financial difficulties the company was acquired in 1922 by Henry Ford in the future for many years competed with “Cadillac” in the class of prestigious executive machines favorites senior government officials, police and gangsters … (specific times of “dry law”). The Soviet children’s books in such a car was portrayed “Mr. Twister.” Henry Martyn Leland died in 1932 at age 88. Branch headed by Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s only son. During the Great Depression, when the demand for luxury executive cars fell in 1932 the company is «Lincoln KB» with a 12-cylinder V-engine. There was also a model Zephyr («Zephyr”) with the sleek silhouette of a body (1936), which is “Lincoln,” “poor” (in the American sense). On its basis in 1939 in a specially created department “Lincoln” design center was developed and released the famous convertible Lincoln Continental («Lincoln Continental”) of class “luxury”. Production of this “American Legends” was continued after World War II. In 1956, on the basis of “Continental”, a model Lincoln Premier («Lincoln Premier”). In the 1970s, “Lincoln” began to be equipped with the units and apparatus “Ford” and style of the model changed. Since 1984, I began to make a coupe “Lincoln Continental MK V ||” class “luxury”. Aerodynamic body, electronically adjustable suspension and anti-lock system (ABS) made coupe “Lincoln Continental” an outstanding car. The latest version of “Continental” released in 1995, with an 8-cylinder V-engine. Outwardly, he has little resemblance to their famous ancestors. Another model proposed by a Lincoln Town Car («Lincoln Town Car”), a traditional large rear-drive car with a keyless start system with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine, which offers every comfort to the consumer. Lincoln LS series classic layout was first introduced in New York in April 1998 and immediately became popular among fans of big sport sedans “luxury” class. January 1997 Department releases the most luxurious in the United States SUV Lincoln Navigator («Lincoln Navigator”), manufactured based on the Ford Expedition («Ford Expedition”).