lexus-logo“Lexus» (Lexus) – Japanese automobile company, specializing in the production of cars. Is a unit of Toyota Motors Corporation headquarters is located in the city of Toyota. The company specializes in producing high-quality cars, mainly for the US market. Lexus cars equally connect style, comfort and quality. Thanks to the quality work of the engine and transmission, and improve the mechanism for the suspension Lexus models have excellent handling and smooth running. In July 1985, the first Lexus LS 400 has gone “from the pile.” In May 1986, he underwent extensive test drives in Germany, and only in January 1989, was brought to the Detroit Auto Show in Los Angeles. Since September 1989 began selling this car in the US. Externally, the “Lexus LS400? – The first Lexus – had nothing to do with the Japanese cars. He was immediately made, focusing on the Americans. This suggests that a hand-to-body ktovto of the famous Italian designers karrosseristov. And over time, it was confirmed – later Lexus GS300 with streamlined body created Giorgetto Giugiaro. One of the most prestigious models of the company – the GS 300 sports sedan 3T with uprated engine developed the Cologne branch of the company Motosport Toyota. In February 1990, the American press called luxury sedan Lexus LS 400, wherein the power and efficiency at the same time thanks to a successful aerodynamics, the best imported car in the US. In May 1991, the series went the second Lexus SC 400 index (coupe), the export version of Toyota Soarer for the North American market. After restyling in 1998 with external differences Toyota Soarer almost disappeared. The five-seat sedan Lexus ES 300 was first seen in the summer of 1991 Toyota Camry special version for the US market. In January 1993, the premiere of the Lexus GS 300. The family of Lexus cars have four-wheel drive and a gorgeous jeep Lexus LX 450, which connects style luxury executive car with the advantages of an SUV Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 80. Model LX 470, a large executive-wheel drive SUV, a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 100, in 1998, he replaced the Lexus LX 450. In autumn 1998, the first show of the IS production of the Japanese company Toyota Motor. In spring 1999 the European and American markets had the first compact model Lexus – IS 200. In 2000, a rather extensive range of Lexus complemented by two new products: IS300 and LS430. Other models have undergone minor changes. On the Lexus GS, LS and LX appeared and became the standard system Brake Assist Safety System (BASS), more precisely and evenly distributes the braking effort to the wheels depending on the condition of brakes and braking conditions. Updated version of its RX 300 SUV presented by Lexus based on the recently concluded North American Auto Show in Detroit. The updated model called Lexus RX 330, and is large both in length and poshirine body. Now the appearance of the SUV has become more dynamic and modern. The updated RX 330 is equipped with a 3.3-liter V6, 230 hp.