land-rover-logo“Land Rover» (Land Rover), a subsidiary of the British company Rover Group («Rover Group”), purchased in 1994, the German company BMW («BMW”). It produces cars terrain famous brands Land Rover («Land Rover”). The headquarters is located in Solihull, near Birmingham. After the Second World War, the British branch of the company Rover («Rover» Land Rover Group («Land Rover Group”) has become the first company that started to occupy positions in the growing market for off-road vehicles. The first Land Rover appeared in the post-war Britain in 1948., During a severe shortage of steel. It was a brilliantly simple, ingeniously made “workhorse” of aluminum. Brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks (Spencer & Maurice Wilks), working for the British carmaker Rover, created a new car symbol that combined pragmatic simplicity and reliability of the rough. The car was accompanied by an instant success, with the result that by the mid-fifties of the last century mark Land Rover has become clearly associated with the concept of durability, longevity and phenomenal off-road qualities. Military and agricultural workers as well as employees of the rescue and recovery services found in Land Rover are exactly the qualities that they needed, and in the car. By 1959. with the lines of the plant in Solihull (Solihull, West Midlands) went already 250,000 th Land Rover, and the foundation for future market dominance has been completely founded. Famous Defender («Defender”), long-base model of Land Rover, which is a versatile reliable car of the postwar period, for 50 years, produced little or no change and its appearance resembles that same post-war pattern. The model is still considered the best all-wheel drive SUV. In the 1960s significantly increased the demand for four-wheel drive vehicles and Land Rover has turned out to be at the forefront of developing a new market segment. In an attempt to find the best solution to the problem Rover engineers sat down to develop a vehicle that would combine comfort and performance of a family car with off-road capabilities Land Rover. The result of their work was Range Rover, launched in production in 1970. and immediately caused a stormy general admiration. The famous design of this model has achieved a unique level of recognition, being exhibited in the Louvre gallery in Paris st. However, the advantages of the car significantly go beyond comfort and attractive appearance, while maintaining the unique qualities off-road. During the 1970s and 80s the evolution of Land Rover and Range Rover continued, and the recognition of Land Rover vehicles increased due to events such as the Paris-Dakar rally, demonstrated outstanding resistance mark. The Land Rover lineup includes two models. Discovery was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989., Marking the creation of a new niche – the family car 4×4. In 1997. it was followed by Freelander – a compact car, oriented toward the use of sport and recreation and to take the lead in Europe in terms of sales in the class 4? 4. In 1994, BMW Group has acquired British company Rover Group («Rover Group”), and together with it and its subsidiary Land Rover, which has always specialized in off-road. Currently, the prestige of the department is still very high. The famous model of Range Rover out of competition, is a recognized benchmark for all-terrain vehicle class “luxury”. In 1994 it renewed the last time. It is available with three types of engine – V-shaped 8-cylinder displacement of 4.0 or 4.6 liters capacity of 190 or 224 hp and a turbocharged diesel engine BMW 2.5-liter and 136 hp For buyers of middle class produced a compact Land Rover – Freelander. This model has all-wheel independent suspension and transverse engine layout. It has a 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines working volume of 1.8-2.0 liters. Continues to produce no change Discovery and Defender. Last, the workhorse of all other models, the most practical and reliable, although not very comfortable, available with aluminum body “wagon”. In the UK, Defender is sold in three different base – 90, 110 and 130. They are put turbocharged diesel and gasoline V-shaped 8-cylinder engine working volume of 2.5 and 4.0 liters. These cars are very popular with farmers, their use as police and fire trucks.

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