lamborghini-logoFerruccio Lamborghini was born near the city of Ferrara, April 28, 1916. A passion for technology, and, above all, to a car engine, led him to the engineering school in Bologna, after which he worked as a mechanic in the Italian army. After World War II took up Ferruccio reworking of military equipment in civilian, mainly agricultural. In the late 40’s Ferruccio Lamborghini was able to start production of the tractor of his own design. Later, the firm has also engaged in the development and manufacture of heating equipment and air conditioning systems. One of the legends of origin of the company «Lamborghini» begins: early morning summer of 1962 at the entrance to the office of Enzo Ferrari in Maranello stopped the car Ferrari 365 GT. From it came Ferruccio Lamborghini and headed straight to the reception Enzo. The visitor explained to the secretary that he wanted to talk to Ferrari about the shortcomings and weaknesses of his car. And discuss everything with an eye for an eye – as is customary in circles of these entrepreneurs. The secretary came in to the boss, I forgot to close the door, so the visitor became an unwitting witness to the conversation. “Signor Lamborghini wanted to talk to you, – said the secretary – he drives a Ferrari and I would like to make a few comments about the car.” In response, chief loud and angry voice asked: “Lamborghini? Who is it? Explain to him that there is not a thoroughfare. I have no time for each client. Scoundrel Ferrari even know me! ” It was then – spontaneously – and the idea was born to start production of Lamborghini sports cars. First of all, in order to annoy Ferrari, its brand, which has become a symbol of sports cars. Soon there were shops where Ferrari Lamborghini enticed by the most skilled workers and top engineers. One year later – in October 1963 – at the Turin Motor Show was presented the first model – Lamborghini 350 GT. Designers of the company introduced a number of ideas, not previously used in the automotive industry. But there were a lot of shortcomings. It was thought of the end of a powerful 12-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts per row and six carburettors type Weber. Appearance is not all liked, and finishing left much to be desired. Not surprisingly, the first year it sold a total of 13 such machines. But then there was a breakthrough. Lamborghini was the first carmakers, which started to manufacture cars with central engine layout. Model Miura, shown in 1965, was equipped with 12-cylinder engine, located behind the driver across the machine on a special frame. That decision inspired designers to give the car an unusual shape. For six years it sold 800 cars models Miura, they have surpassed in popularity Ferrari. The success inspired the Ferruccio and he decided to create a new model – not for the richest buyers. While very popular class of cars began to use «Grand Touring». The risk is fully justified itself – the machine has become one of the most popular in the history of the company, its release lasted until 1978. For 10 years, it produced more than a thousand vehicles – a record number for the Lamborghini. Today «Lamborghini» owned by Audi, which in turn is a subsidiary of the concern «Volkswagen AG».