jeep-logo“Jeep”, Department of American concern Chrysler, specializing in the production of road vehicles of the brand “Jeep”. Headquartered in Detroit (Michigan). Car Maker of the “Jeep” is considered an American engineer and industrialist Arthur Herrington. After the First World War, he worked in France, where he studied the problem of creating a cross-country vehicles. Conducted experiments with four- and six-wheeled trucks in cooperation with the company “Marmon Motor” from Indianapolis, Indiana. The car created by him, received the name “Jeep” (phonetic transmission English abbreviation GP – jeep, which means general purpose – General purpose). But the glory of the car, called the “Jeep”, gave the American company Willys. And it is a model of war – army jeep – allows Willys ranked among the great car companies. The need for US military intelligence jeep felt for a long time, especially with the beginning of World War II. The offer to participate in the competition to build the car received 135 US firms. Willys has also developed its own version of the all-terrain vehicle. He was introduced to the army leadership November 11, 1940, and on November 23 showed its version and Ford. Each of the firms received an order for 1,500 vehicles, deliveries of which began in early 1941. However, in July 1941 the US government decided to leave armed with only one model of car. The choice fell on the Willys MA, but he was subjected to modernization based on the test results and the need for uniformity between different firms. Since 1942, the mass production of cars under the name Willys MB and Ford GPW. Cars two companies were virtually indistinguishable from each other. They stood a standard motor from Willys 77 and a three-stage gearbox. ATV could accommodate four people, he weighed a little more than a ton and a top speed of 105 km/h. Just those years Willys produced more than 360 thousand “jeeps”, most of whom entered the Red Army. Ford made a little less – about 270 thousand cars. Army “Jeep” Willys company brought unprecedented success and worldwide fame. Not surprisingly, during the second half of the 40s, and in the 50 years, the development of the company were in the wake of the popularity of the former “jeep.” The company has not been able to create something entirely new. Her numerous postwar utility and recreational vehicles only to the civilian because they have not been painted in the color of “hacks”. Almost the same army jeep was produced as a civilian under the symbol CJ (civilian jeep, a civilian jeep). By the early 60s the company, “Willis” ceased production of “Jeep”, but it was continued by other companies. Since 1963 the concern American Motors Corp. (AMC) «American Motors” in the United States began to produce cars terrain, named as “jeeps”. The prototype served their army vehicles “Willis” and “Ford”, which were issued during the Second World War, “Willis” and “Ford Motor”. In 1970 Kaiser Jeep, which became the successor to the company Willis, joined the group American Motors. B 1983 American Motors created a brand new SUV, originally called Jeep Cherokee, Jeep and five-door version of the new generation in luxury sold under the name Wagoneer. They are distinguished by four small lights, built one above the other. In January 1986, in Geneva, the debut of a sports utility vehicle Wrangler, a direct descendant of the legendary Willys since the 2nd World War II, the successor to CJ. New modification Renegade – 1990. In 1987, the company American Motors with its famous department “Jeep” joined the concern “Chrysler”. B early 1992 in the US there was a sensation: concern Chrysler finally put on display a new generation of mid-size SUV under the name Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was replaced by a “holy cow” Grand Wagoneer, known since 1962 under the name Kaiser-Willis. In 1997, the beginning of the issue of contemporary (sixth) generation model Wrangler. In his most recent modifications Wrangler has become much more comfortable. New Jeep got rid of all their springs, and received in return spring suspension Quadra-Coil. The appearance of the car became softer, and it has quietly excessive aggressiveness of the previous model. The new Wrangler is waterproof as good watch. In 1998, the merged “Daimler-Benz” AG and the company “Chrysler Corporation” into one company “DaimlerChrysler” AG. The strengths of the combined group is the ability to reach all segments of the automotive market in the world. July 1, 1999 the structure of JSC “Mercedes-Benz Cars’ unit was set up” Chrysler Jeep “. 1998 – presentation of the new generation model Grand Cherokee. But expert opinion distinguish it from its predecessor. 1999 – beginning of production of the current generation Sherokee with V-6 and 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.2 liters. In 2000 new – Jeep Commander 2. Combines batteries and gas equipment, making the system efficient and environmentally friendly. Commander 2 drives the electricity generated by the fuel cells. To compensate for excess weight generated by fuel cells, the designers created a Jeep car body of high-strength plastic, using a unique technology. Because of this, the car weighs 2300 kg – nearly 1,000 of them give the fuel cell. The dashboard mounted another unique design – a small camera, showing the driver. When stealing face criminal will be automatically sent to law enforcement agencies. New Grand Cherokee 2001 – currently the most popular in America and in most European countries, the SUV is offered with a completely new engine V8. volume of 4.7 liters, 235 hp This engine comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission. It is very comfortable and even luxurious 5-door, 5-passenger all-wheel drive car. New Grand Cherokee is equipped with an interesting system Quadra-Drive: stalled if one of the wheels – it is suspended, and the thrust is transferred to the rest, who have not lost traction. Completely revamped the car – one of the best all-wheel drive vehicles, besides having outstanding dynamics.