infiniti-logoInfiniti – a division of Nissan, specializing in the production of cars of a class “lux”, mainly to the United States. Characteristic difference – branded grille. Foundation year 1989. In full possession of the concern Nissan. In the mid-80s Nissan Motor in the strictest confidence the initial design and preparation for the production of fundamentally new high-end cars for the North American market. Around the same time a similar problem solved main rival – Toyota. History is silent about the authorship of this idea, but in 1989 almost simultaneously presented models Infiniti Q45 and Lexus LS 400. Since 1992, the J30 is known and structurally similar to I30. Since the autumn of 1996 came the development of completely original Q45, which is offered with a new design and a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine capacity of 4.1 liters. Like Lexus, Infiniti is expanding its lineup, including a car-terrain QX4 – Luxury four-wheel drive version of the model Terrano. The compact front-drive Infiniti G20 is built upon a Primera. After the 1998 radical restyling of the car again began to enjoy steady demand among buyers – middle-class Americans. Transversely mounted 2.0-liter engine develops 140 hp Introduced in 1999 Infiniti I30 (platform Cefiro/Maxima last generation) has been recognized as one of the best of modern cars in North America. Traditional luxury saloon for the brand and perfectly tuned chassis complemented perfectly balanced 240-horsepower 3.0-liter engine accelerates the car with ease to 240 km/h. In Europe, Infiniti I30 is not supplied. The flagship Q45 2001 model year is presented at the New York Auto Show. The massive and at the same time, an aggressive body design is intended to emphasize respectability of the original elements can be noted large trapezoidal headlight reflectors, wide chrome grille and a very high line of the side glass. Salon trimmed with expensive varieties of leather and wood. Rear-wheel drive models are equipped with a new V8 engine 280 hp and adaptive automatic transmission. For fans of “luxury” off-road vehicles under the Infiniti brand sold QX4 – an upgraded version of the popular model in the North American market, Nissan Pathfinder with a chic, decorated with natural leather interiors and a representative appearance. Line 6-cylinder engine rated at 170 hp It provides a good dynamic performance, but the competition offering as top models in this class off-road vehicles under the Infiniti brand with an 8-cylinder engines, QX4 does not look so bright. Infiniti FX45 – a sort of hybrid sports wagon and SUV. It will be equipped with 315-horsepower V8 engine with five-speed automatic. Retail price models – 44.2 thousand. Dollars (a weaker version called FX35 V6 engine and will cost less than ten thousand). As the vice president of Infiniti Mark McNab, the design of the car was designed in California, and in general it is designed specifically for the North American market. The equipment includes a proprietary navigation system to a DVD-ROM, intelligent cruise control, the device “smart key” and more. The American press has already named this car one of the main contenders for the title of best in the class of compact luxury SUV.