honda-logo“Honda» (Honda Motor Company, Honda Giken Kogyo KK), a Japanese company specializing in the production of cars and motorcycles of various special equipment, as well as a variety of engines. Releases of the product under the brand name “Daihatsu”. Headquartered in Tokyo. Founded in 1946, the enterprising engineer Soichiro Honda as the “Honda Technical Research Institute” and initially produced small engines and mopeds on their basis. In 1948 the Institute was transformed into a company with a modern name, which initially focused on the issue quickly became famous motorcycles. Since 1949, as a member of the Board of Directors started its work Takeo Fujisawa rightly considered a second father-founder of the company. Honda has dedicated himself to the production technology, and Fujisawa – corporate management. In 1948 the company began production of motorcycles: in 1949, the model was released “Dream” (“Dream”) with a two-stroke 98 cc engine, embodies all the dreams of its creators. Simultaneously with the release of this model to the market, a new approach to sales: the company now has appointed distributors for sales of certain products in a particular territory, which in turn developed a dealer network. The next important step in the company’s history was the creation of a new four-stroke engine (1952) and the new bike (1953) on its base. Already in 1955 the company “Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,” Begins to lead the annual volume of production in the domestic market of Japan. In 1959, the US Department created a company called “American Honda Motor Company,” and in 1982 the company opened a factory for the production of cars in the United States, in Ohio. Having created a name for itself in the production of motorcycles in 1962 and the company began production of cars. First came a cargo van, the following model was the two-seater sports car. In 1964, it enters into operation a plant for mass production. In addition, in 1962, “Honda” creates a factory for the production of equipment for its factories, which later become the basis of “Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.” In 1972, with the introduction of the “Civic» (Civic), «Honda” has won recognition as a manufacturer of compact vehicles economy sufficiently high quality. Based on the Civic in 1992 came racing mini car CRX. The new double model Honda CRX was released in 1994. The special modification of the Civic with a body “versatile” increased size Orthia was first shown in summer 1999. The world-famous model “Accord» (Accord). The first generation of this model was introduced in 1976, initially with a hatchback. In 1977 it started production of Honda Accord sedan. In autumn 1998 there was a sixth-generation Honda Accord. Modification luxury model Honda Accord Inspire/Saber was first introduced in September 1989. The new modification came in 1995. PRELUDE The model was first released in 1978 PRELUDE has a special place among cars Honda. This sports coupe, equipped with a powerful engine. In the 1980s, when almost every company is trying to present its supercar, the model of “Honda NSX», won the confidence of many. Equipped with the latest technological and electronic innovations, this model is surely strengthened the company in the market of cars of a class “Gran Turismo”. The car was launched in the summer of 1990. In November 1992, it created a lightweight model of NSX-R, in 1995 – NSX-T version with a removable roof. The first sedan and coupe Honda Integra was introduced in February 1985. In the US model is sold under the brand Acura Integra. In autumn 1997 was presented to a high-capacity model – Integra Type R – a sports coupe. Small car HONDA Life (Today) was released in September 1985. In January 1993, a new generation of cars Honda Life. In April 1997, put into production mikroven Life. In Chicago in February 1989 was a prototype of Honda HR-V, a universal car, which was launched into production in the summer of 1990. Modern modification was introduced in Tokyo in 1998. Legend sedan was first introduced in October, coupe – in November 1990. In 1996, in Geneva, the third generation Honda Legend. In the US, sold under the brand name Acura. In October 1994 he was presented minivan Odyssey (Shuttle in Europe). North American Odyssey, which appeared in late 1998, is much larger in size than the Japanese. Since autumn 1999, this vehicle appeared in Japan, but has called Lagreat. In October 1995 came the multi-purpose wagon Honda CR-V. Wheel-drive models sold in Europe since the spring of 1997. At the Tokyo Motor Show in the fall of 1995 it was presented minivan HONDA S-MX. It went on sale in November 1996. It is produced only for the domestic market. Hoping for a good demand among Europeans in October 1996, after a 12-year hiatus, she returned to Europe, the new model Honda – Logo (previously it was the Honda Jazz). Of current fifth generation of the family Prelude went on sale in Europe in early 1997. The exterior design of the model corresponds to the coupe: the long bonnet, low roof, clean lines. In March 1999 at the International Motor Show in Geneva S2000 model has been awarded the title of ‘Cabrio of the Year “. The release of this car was timed to the 50th anniversary of the company «Honda», celebrated on the fall of 1998. Honda S2000 – the successor of the first sports car Honda S800, released in 1965. In 1999 sootoyalas premier sports coupe type Insight at the Detroit Auto Show. The European premiere of the production model is already held in the autumn of the same year in Frankfurt. In late 1999, Japanese buyers introduced a new model of a 5-door station wagon “luxury” class Avancier, similar in size to Inspire/Saber. Today, the company ranks first in the world in the production of motorcycles and among the top ten world producers of cars. In addition, power production company (generators, tillers, lawn mowers, outboard motors, etc.) are very popular in the world. Now “Honda” has 119 manufacturing facilities in 33 countries. Over the past year, “Honda” presented on the market engines series “i” of the new generation and a new “global compact platform,” displayed simultaneously with the latest model car “Civic”.