ferrari-logo“Ferrari» (Ferrari), an Italian company specializing in the production of racing and luxury cars. Since 1989 is a subsidiary of the concern “FIAT”. Headquartered in Maranello. The company (its original name was Auto Avio Costruzioni) was founded in 1939 famous as a test driver and car “Alfa Romeo” Enzo Ferrari. Initially, it produces a variety of equipment for cars. Made by cars produced under the brand name “Alfa Romeo”. Since this company had a contract at Ferrari. The first car bearing the name itself already “Ferrari” appeared in 1946. It was Ferrari model 125 with a powerful 12-cylinder aluminum engine, designed to realize the dream of its founder: to give ordinary road car racing properties without compromising comfort. As a brand of the company Enzo Ferrari chose galloping stallion on a yellow background. By the end of 1947 there were already two versions of the engine, “Ferrari”, and its working volume increased from 166 to 1995 model see. The following year, a private team “Ferrari” for the first time won the Mille Miglia and Targa-Florio,. 1949 brought the team and a new triumph in the same competition, and later winning the race “24 Hours of Le Mans.” In 1951 there 340 America-stage model with the engine originally developed for the Ferrari GT with a displacement of 4.1 liters. In 1953, the same machine is equipped with an engine capacity of 4.5 liters and a new name – 375 America. In the same year, “Ferrari” is 250 Europa, with a three-liter engine. By the beginning of 1954 Enzo Ferrari has released about 200 of their machines in an exclusive-road variant and 250 racing models. Creating their road cars, Ferrari turned to different design companies, making their models different from each other. But the model of the 250 GT in 1954 marked the beginning of long and fruitful cooperation with the company “Pininfarina”, the best way to adjust your body to the new chassis whose leading rear axle was suspended on springs. Even the 250 GT model is released not only as a coupe and convertible, and appeared in 1959 250GT California, made to order – a striking example of the open model of the 250 GT sports type. In 1958, “Pininfarina” created for the model of the 250 GT body specifically angular form: these cars are equipped with 12-cylinder engine, and apparently gave the impression of enormous power, perfectly obedient to any desires of their owners. 375 America, and replaced it in 1956 410 Super America (they had released a total of 14) were intended for “the powerful”: their design evoked a feeling of strength and self-confidence. From 1957 to 1962 he produced a modified “Ferrari 250 GT California» with predatory sharpened profile and removable roof. His first victory this car won the race in 1960 Tourist Trophy at Goodwood track. “Ferrari” belong to the most memorable cars 60-ies of the century: 250GT in 1960 was converted into a fastback 250GTE with a body “2+2”, elegant and very popular on the basis of which in 1964 was created 330GT “2+2” with the four-liter motor and original “squinting” headlights. Unmatched remained feminine, graceful, swift Berlinetta Lusso 1962, reach speeds of over 225 km/h. In place of the 330GT “2+2” came in 1967 365GT “2+2” with the self-balancing rear suspension and power steering. In 1971 it was replaced by more rigorous in keeping with the spirit of time 365GT4. In 1966 the company developed a new V-twin engine, leading its origin from racing engines: a 12-cylinder, with two camshafts in each cylinder head, the system dry sump lubrication, a high torque and flexibility, which had capacity of 300 liters. from. In 1968, “Ferrari” launched the legendary Daytona, or 365GTB/4, with a front 4.4-liter V-shaped 12-cylinder engine capacity of 352 hp, developing – 282 km/h. This model looks discreet and functional, is the fastest machine in the world and, of course, advertising evaluation of it as “the best in the world” is not so far from the truth. In the early 1970s, there was a model “Dino”, named after the deceased son of Commendatore, mid-engine production FIAT- V-shaped 6-cylinder; model was produced in the 8-cylinder version, but the 6-cylinder model is considered a classic. At one time, “Dino” was actually a separate brand. The car “Dino-206GT” was issued in 1967 with an engine V6 (1987 cm3 180 hp.. At 8000 rev/min; 1969 – “246 GT” -2418 cm3, 195 hp.. At 7600 rev/min) . Precisely same, nonconventional for “Ferrari” motors stood on sports “Fiat Dino”. Model 365GT4, or Berlinetta Boxer, 1971 release, had many features racing cars “Ferrari: its engine capacity of 4.4 liters able to reach speeds of 275 km/h; He was located horizontally in the middle of the body, and the gearbox for a more rational use of the internal volume of the body was located under the motor. The chassis also used the experience of racing cars: spatial tubular frame and steel body panels. On the basis of Ferrari 308GT4 elegant models were made with a body “Pininfarina”; equipped with V-shaped 8-cylinder engines, they attracted the attention of buyers to the early 80-ies. By installing a horizontal 12-cylinder motor Boxer of racing model 512BB on Testarossa, the company has created the massive heavy machine that meets the most demanding requirements of both athletes and riders “customers. Bright eye-catching design “Pininfarina” carried the essence of the spirit of advertising, and its creator sought not only an external effect: ribbed side air inlets, which have found many imitators, were to supply air to the side radiators, replacement of the front radiator 512BB. Technical indicators models also were perfect: five-liter engine Testarossa, with four valves per cylinder, reaches 390 hp, and its maximum speed – 274 km/h. In 1987 the founder of the company Enzo Ferrari led the team of designers who have prepared model F40, designated as “the sum of the company’s efforts over the years of its existence.” The origins F40 conducts from GTO 1984 and, at first glance, has a lot to do with Ferrari 308GTB, however, has significant technical innovations: turbo, V-type 8-cylinder engine longitudinal (not cross) arrangement, mounted on a tubular frame, reinforced bearing panels of Kevlar, Xtra 478 hp – All said that is still only configuration. The body of a supermodel is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and its close interior quite answers sports essence of the machine: it does not even have a mechanism to adjust the seat. Striking specifications and no comfort here the motto 1118-kilogram Ferrari F40: stiffer suspension does not absorb road irregularities, wheel responded to every pothole, and the magnificent motor showed infinite power. Exacting, uncontrollably vigorous and attractive – this was the last offspring of the founder of the firm. Company car “Ferrari”, from 1969 to control the Fiat 1989 and finally ceded to the corporation, have a reputation of the most expensive in the world. Each of them – a legend. In the fall of 1992 in Paris was published high-power rear-wheel drive sports coupe classic layout 456 GT/GTA. Design – Pininfarina. GTA – March 1996 (Geneva). ASR, the modernized body, suspension and interior (4 seats) – March 1998, Geneva. In May 1994, he left F355, successor to the sports car 348 GTB/GTS. The cheapest and most popular model of the company. Design – Pininfarina. In spring 1995, he appeared Spider – a cabriolet. Berlinetta – coupe, GTS – a coupe with removable hardtop, F1 -management transmission-type racing car. Striking out Berlinetta/Targa – Summer 1997. 550 Maranello successor Testarossa/512 is made based on the 456GT. Design – Pininfarina. Debut – July 20, 1996. Model 360 Modena – the successor of F355 Berlinetta. Design – Pininfarina. The premiere took place in March 1999 in Geneva. Home sales – summer 1999. At the Paris Motor Show, which will take place in September 2003, the Italian firm Ferrari plans to show the most powerful in Europe, mass-produced cars. This is a special model “Enzo Ferrari”. The appearance of the special model in honor of the famous car designer is intended to remind the world about the best design school Ferrari, who strongly supported by outstanding successes in Formula 1. Double sports car will be equipped with 12-cylinder engine in volume of 6 liters and 650 liters capacity. from. Acceleration to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, and one kilometer car is able to overcome in 19 seconds. Maximum speed “Enzo Ferrari” – more than 350 km/h. Design of the car designed by a famous bodybuilder studio Pininfarina. Model “Enzo Ferrari” bears the features of a Formula 1 car – streamlined body and narrow interior. Doors open up. All essential functions of government, including the gear changes are published on the steering wheel. The car is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, changing gears by means of the special keys on the steering wheel. It expected to be released only 349 cars, “Enzo Ferrari”. The company will offer them to their most loyal customers and well-known, of course, according to preliminary applications. The price of the car will be a minimum of 500 thousand euros.