dodge-logo“Dodge» (Dodge Division), Department of American corporations “Chrysler”, specializing in the production of passenger cars and off-road vehicles. Headquartered in Highland Park (Detroit suburb). Americans John and Goreys Dodge founded his own firm in 1914, which were among the first production car with all-metal bodies. “The company Dodge Brothers” in 1914 began to produce his own car. A small company, who was previously the production of components for the Ford plants and “Olds Motor” has absorbed all the technological innovations of the time, including Ford’s technology standardization and assembly line (Henry Ford brothers, even instituting legal claims, but without success). The first car Dodge Brothers, which was later jokingly called “old lady Betsy” left the factory 14 November 1914 – followed by the end of the year another 249 Dodges made exactly the same car. Each one of them on the upper radiator tank sported branded company logo – a globe placed at the center of the Star of David brothers remember its roots. By 1920, the company ranked second to produce cars after the “Ford”), but in the same 1920 both brothers have died, and the new head of the company became J. Fred. Haynes. Condition Brothers Dodge was solid – for more than 20 million each. In addition, the heirs of the brothers (and besides widows have no one left), received 50% of the share capital. But both widows entrepreneurial talent is not owned, and the company began to decline. Already in 1928 the Dodge Brothers was bought to gain traction Walter Chrysler, who was then forged a avtoimperiyu its own, buying all the auto plants indiscriminately. Sturdy cars “Dodge” honorably withstood the test of the First World War when they were used as staff and ambulances. In 1928 Dodge entered the concern of the corporation “Chrysler” and Dodge car has become a trademark of Chrysler. Today, along with the cars under the Dodge brand produced as SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks. Logo “Dodge” regularly change, but more often (as now) in the logo featured … sheep’s head. According to some experts, “blame” to one of the models of Dodge, bent exhaust manifold which resembled twisted horns of mountain sheep … Dodge plant in Argentina was sold in 1980 by Volkswagen. There were a number of subsidiaries and joint – with equity participation Dodge – companies that produce Dodge trucks in the UK, India, Australia and Turkey. However, in the course to consolidate held by these firms Chrysler came out of the sphere of influence of the American corporation. The Corporation Chrysler Dodge stands out for its sports and off-road image. Dodge sedan program completely copies of any Chrysler and Plymouth, but the company’s SUVs are available only under one brand. Perhaps due to this fact, as well as models of undoubted visual appeal Dakota, Durango and Ram, Dodge name associated with SUVs and, of course, a sports supercar (roadster) Viper, produced and as a sports coupe. Dodge Caravan, front-drive minivan with a transverse engine, appeared in Chrysler’s model program in 1984 and has made a real revolution in the automotive market. The concept was unique and at the same time so practical that in a short time has won a large number of fans. In Europe, the car comes under the name Chrysler Voyager. Along with the model Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best-selling “American” on the European continent. Dodge Caravan in line with similar models Chrysler Town & Country and Plymouth Voyager. Development “Dodge Viper” (or “Chrysler Viper” in Europe – on behalf of the parent company for the “Dodge”) the spiritual heir to the Cobra, was sanctioned by the president of the corporation “Chrysler”  in 1989. The prototype of the new model was the star at the international motor show in Detroit in 1989. The final version of the model “Viper RT10? It was prepared in 1991. Releasing sports model Viper GTS, concern Chrysler has demonstrated its intention to be actively involved in motorsports. At the Detroit Motor Show in 2000 was shown the prototype Viper GTS/R with 500-horsepower engine V10, has a top speed of 320 km/h. Concern Chrysler, releasing in January 1992 cars Dodge Intrepid, forced many to change their attitude to American cars. Restyling five years later she made it different from analog Concord in the lineup Chrysler. Current models sport package adds Intrepid FVT. The model number of the Dodge – Intrepid is the only high-end car. Dodge Neon successor Shadow, front-drive sedan Golf-class was first introduced in Frankfurt in 1993. The parallel model of the brand Plymouth Neon. In Europe, under the name Chrysler. The cheapest car in the production program of the company, fleet and comfortable (with the slogan “Young”). In January 1999, in Detroit – a new version of the redesigned front end and a modified suspension. Front-wheel drive two-seater coupe Dodge Avenger was first introduced in winter 1994 debut simultaneously with the Chrysler Sebring and is its structural analog. Dodge Stratus, front-drive sedan with a transverse engine (the successor model of Spirit). For the first time as a prototype was presented in Detroit and Los Angeles in January 1994. The whole shape of the car striking wholeness and completeness, and not for nothing this car, only badged Chrysler, quite successfully sold in Europe. Premiere of new models Stratus 2001 model year was held at the Motor Show in Chicago in winter 2000 With the advent of new items decided to abandon the name Avenger. High-power and large-sized multi-purpose vehicle (SUV) Dodge Durango with switchable all-wheel drive (the successor model Ramcharger) was first presented in Detroit in January 1997. This comfortable SUV with a powerful V-shaped eight-cylinder engine can be a serious competitor to the popular “Grand Cherokee”. It is making progress on the pick-up “Dakota”, produced by the load compartment, and won the title of “sports truck of the year” in 1996. Since 1997, the light output of the second-generation Dodge Dakota. Built on a rigid spar frame, the car competes with the giants of the genre Ford F-150. Aggressive powerful body with expressive podshtampovki on the doors and side panels clearly says about the character of the car. Only in the USA and Canada at the end of 1999 it was produced 1,561.4 thousand. Various models of Dodge. About 1080 thousand. Pieces of them were passenger model Neon, Stratus, Avenger, Intrepid, Caravan, Durango, and Viper. A substantial upgrade of the production program in 2001. Dodge. The emergence of new models of Stratus and Stratus Coupe (instead of the Avenger), minivans Caravan/Grand Caravan, as well as several sports versions under the symbol R/T. As well as update  Durango. At the Chicago Auto Show debut full-size Dodge Ram pickup a new generation. Ram previous generation appeared in 1993 and became a real revelation in shaping the style and full-size pickups. Until now, he is the unofficial title of most attractive and stylish light truck in the United States. Repeatedly modernized since the Ford pickup and Chevrolet and Dodge could not surpass the beauty and sleek design.