chrysler-logo“Chrysler» (Chrysler Corporation), an American automobile company, specializing in the production of cars marks “Chrysler”, “Dodge”, “Plymouth”, “Eagle” et al., Truck “Dodge” pickups, as well as a variety of accessories. There are financial and technological department of the corporation; produced electronic and aerospace products. Headquartered in Auburn Hills (Michigan). Since 1998 the company merged with corporation “Daimler-Benz” into a single “Daimler-Chrysler”. The company was founded in 1924 famous engineer and businessman Walter Chrysler as a result of the reorganization of the company “Maxwell Motor” (swallowed in turn, “Chalmers Motor”, founded in 1908) and “Willys-Overland.” In 1924 came the first car brand “Chrysler 70” with 6-cylinder engine with a high for the time compression ratio, which had hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. This car had a huge success in the United States. In the first year they sold more than 32,000 pieces. In 1926 it was released a more comfortable version of Chrysler Foyr, and then, and Chrysler Imperial Six. It is a good acquisition was the purchase in 1928 of “Dodge”, who brought immediately “Chrysler” in a number of major car companies in America. In the same year it was launched the brand Plymouth («Plymouth”) and DeSoto («De Soto”). It is making great strides “Chrysler” at the end of the 40-50-ies. In 1949, there is a convenient innovation – the launch vehicle with the ignition key. A number of powerful models brings the company forward in the creation of more powerful engines. In 1955, “Chrysler Imperial” is released in a separate line “Imperial”. The company has a strong jerk and begins to buy up shares of European companies: in 1963 bought 40% stake in the Spanish company Barreiros Diesel («Barreiros Diesel”), in 1964 30% of the shares of the British automotive consortium Rootes Group («Roots Group”), in 1966-67 about 80% of the shares of the French company “Simca”. These firms are called, respectively, “Chrysler España”, “Chrysler United Kingdom”, “Chrysler France” and subsequently combined in the “Chrysler Europe.” In 1970, “Mitsubishi Motors” released under the name “Chrysler” small cars for sale in the United States. But 70 years have become unprofitable for the company: impact and the energy crisis, and ill-conceived industrial policies. In 1978, management of the department “Chrysler Europe” is transferred to the concern “Peugeot-Citroen» (Peugeot-Citroen), but still “Chrysler” is on the verge of bankruptcy. To save the company was invited by a famous manager Lee Iacocca, who managed to get a large loan from the federal government, proving that the closure of plants such as the giant corporations “Chrysler” would be a national tragedy of America. Iacocca was able to take the company to a number of profitable for 1983. For “Chrysler” join “Lamborghini” (1987), “American Motors Corporation” with its famous department “Jeep”. Minivan Chrysler Voyager/Town & Country for the first time as a prototype was presented in Detroit in January 1983. In autumn 1990 has been modernized. In January 1995, a new modification. In January 2000, in Detroit was presented a new generation of Voyager models designed for the European market. Chrysler Town & Country combines a luxury car and a van. In 1985-89 “Chrysler” is developing small fuel-efficient cars in partnership with the “Mitsubishi Motors” and “Reno.” Introduced in 1986, Le Baron ameriknskom stay on the market only six years. Chrysler Stratus/Cirrus, the successor model LeBaron, was first presented in Detroit and Los Angeles in January 1994. From 1988 comes a series of trucks and pickups “Eagle”. Chrysler Concorde was first introduced in January 1992. Concord is the founder of the cars that are presented in the program as individual model Chrysler – LHS and 300M. Cars built on the same platform and have not changed much in 2000 “luxury model” LHS with a starting price of 28.5 thousand. Dollars has a more rich equipment and powerful 3.5-liter engine in the 257 hp This modification extended Chrysler Concorde (in the US – NewYorker). It appeared in January 1997. High-speed 300M included in the same price band, a little different from the LHS, but it is characterized as a sports sedan “luxury” class. It was first presented in Detroit in January 1998. Chrysler Viper/GTS, a popular and super-high-speed sports coupe class “Gran Turismo” execution “suite” on the basis of a roadster RT/10. For the first time presented as a prototype in Detroit in January 1993 as a production model – in the summer of 1996. The prototype model has served the famous Cobra 1960. In autumn 1993, he released a compact front-drive car Chrysler Neon, front-drive compact car with a transverse-mounted engine. Chrysler Cirrus, export name Stratus, (the successor model LeBaron). It was first presented in Detroit and Los Angeles in January 1994. Known as the Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze. One of the best models of the company, has good dynamics, handling, rich standard equipment. Chrysler Sebring, two-door front-wheel drive car (available in two body styles – coupe and convertible). Premiere – Fall 1994. In 1998, the union took place with the corporation “Daimler-Benz”. Formed by the merger of the two giants of the company was named “DaimlerChrysler”. In 2000, it released a new car Chrysler PT Cruiser, designed for the European market. In American companies prozvodstvo was suspended in 2000 for the reorientation to new markets because of the saturation of the US.