cadillac-logoCadillac Motor Car Division – Department of concern General Motors, specializing in the production of cars of a class “lux”. Headquartered in Detroit (Michigan). The company’s founders – the engineer on exact cars Henry Leland and entrepreneur William Murphy. Initially, the company was called Cadillac Motor Car Company – in honor of the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Motte Cadillac, and was actually revived from nearly bankrupt “car company in Detroit.” In January 1903 the first Cadillac model A appeared at the auto show in New York. Model A was only the first successful attempt of the company, this same popularity it brought D version release in 1905. Equipped with a four-cylinder engine, the five-seater had a wooden hull and, optionally, an aluminum trim. July 29, 1909 General Motors acquires Cadillac for 5,969,200 dollars. GM President William Durant asked Leland to remain managers and manage the company as their own. Series production of fully enclosed Car body established in 1910. In 1912, a useful innovation was offered an electric starter. Owning a car is no longer necessary to start it manually by turning the crank. Cadillac wins prize Dewar for electrical lighting system and ignition. In 1922 the number of produced Cadillacs has exceeded twenty thousand. Part of a successful sale of the company is obliged to new Type 61 model, equipped with wipers and rear-view mirror as standard. A new era in automotive design “Roaring Twenties” was associated with Harley Earl, founded in 1927 the first art-design department at a car company called General Motors Art and Colour Section. That he was known to all the radiator grille, which is still the hallmark of car Cadillac. The first work in Earl Cadillac becomes the model of a small elegant car LaSalle, which represented a transitional stage between Buick and Cadillac, and was advertised as Companion Car to Cadillac. In 1927 Cadillac LaSalle became the car, opening the race Indianapolis 500. Then Cadillac first acted in this role, but certainly not the last. Cars LaSalle Still led the race five times: in 1931 (model Cadillac 370 V12), 1934 (LaSalle), 1937 (LaSalle), 1973 (Eldorado) and in 1992 (Allante). In the first year of LaSalle presented the eleven different body styles on the two-wheeled bases, and four designs Fleetwood on 125-inch base. In coupe coupe LaSalle was even a small door and a side room, where he kept the accessories for golf. Cadillac thirties became the epitome of luxury and sophistication. With the release of V16 and V12 engines the company has become the undisputed leader in the automotive industry of America. The most famous model Cadillac equipped engines V16, constructed Owen Necker. In this decade, the Cadillac was a pioneer of a variety of technical inventions and discoveries. In 1932, work began on the automatic transmission. In 1933, in an experimental model Cadillac appeared first independent front suspension. It has become standard on all GM cars starting in 1934. In 1938, 24-year-old Bill Mitchell designed a new Cadillac 60 Special. The car combined solid appearance with ease of driving and comfort, allows the owner to manage it without the help of a professional chauffeur. This model is defined design direction of the next decade. In 1941 Cadillac introduced the first automatic hydraulic transmission, air conditioning, and the fuel tank cap, hidden behind the rear left light signal. In February 1942 the company completely stopped production of civilian models and threw all their forces to help the front. Within 55 days from the conveyor factory Clark Avenue in Detroit went first tank. During the war, it was also established production platforms for the howitzer M-8 light tanks M-24 (1944) and components for aircraft engine Allison V12. Even General Douglas Mac Arthur used as an official car Cadillac Series 75. After the war, the company Cadillac with new force took up the production of automobiles. Models 1948 appeared aerodynamic “fins” on the rear fenders, peeped at warplane Lockheed P-38. This design discovery aroused universal admiration. Aerodynamic fins defined trend of automotive design for a decade. In 1949, Cadillac has released a compact, lightweight and economical engine V8, whereby Cadillac became the fastest and most powerful car of America. At the end of the decade Briggs Kuninghem come to finish races LeMans the tenth on a standard Cadillac in 1950. In 1949 it released Coupe DeVille with a hard top. It won first prize “Car of the Year” Motor Trend. In January 1950, GM is hosting an exhibition “Mid Century Motorama” in a New York hotel Waldorf Astoria. Among the her car was and Cadillac Debutante, which inspired the creation of a theatrical production “Cadillac of pure gold.” The company marked its fiftieth anniversary release model “Gold Series” in 1952. Technical innovation this year was the power steering as standard equipment on cars. In 1953 there was model Eldorado, the first since the war completely new vehicle class. Attempts to improve design Eldorado paid off – in 1954, a new bumper with the characteristic “fangs” Dagmar, named in honor of the brilliant character of the TV show “Jerry Lester’s House Party”. In the same year it began the production of seats, electrically adjustable in 4 directions. Model 1957 Eldorado Brougham was the epitome of style Cadillac. It was characterized by the twin headlights and body structure without a central pillar. Polishing roof made of stainless steel attached Eldorado Brougham unique look. Cadillac 1959, designed by Harley Earl, was the best interpretation of “aircraft” style in the automotive industry. This car was the subject of a cult of worship of generations of Americans. During 1964 flaps – insolent finding designers – have been improved. This year Cadillac produces three millionth car. In the next ten years, the list of new inventions and design ideas considerably enlarged. In 1962 we paid great attention to safety features, such as headlamps illumination when cornering and braking system with double chain. A feature of the model began in 1964 as an automatic temperature control for both air conditioning and heating. With the expectation of cold climate produced electrically heated seats (vehicles in 1966). In 1967, Cadillac produces light radically new model Eldorado with front-wheel drive. This exclusive luxury car was built on a completely new chassis. Exceptional driving performance provided the engine of 427 inches (1968) and 500-inch V8 (1970). Appears transistor braking system Track Master, provides control over slippage. In the journal Review of Cadillac called “the most convenient and easy to manage” car among luxury brands of German, British and American. Its 70th anniversary in 1972, Cadillac had met a large number of design innovations. The design of cars has also received development and improvement – were introduced absorbent wrinkled area of the body and airbags on models 1974, 1975 and 1976. In July 1973 he was released five millionth Cadillac. Annual production capacity is over 300,000 vehicles. In May 1975 he released a new Cadillac Seville, corresponding to world standards. Bole compact and maneuverable, this car was quite spacious inside and have better fuel economy. Standard features included Seville fuel injection system and electronic engine control. During the celebration of the bicentenary of America presented a commemorative model Cadillac Eldorado c convertible. Car in 1976 was painted in the colors of the American flag: all white with blue and red stripes, red and white leather seats and disc wheels with white accents. Completely renovated Seville in 1980 was distinguished by sharp edges and bold design makes it unlike any one car of America. Seville is also the first time was made on the same platform with Eldorado. John O. Grettenberger led Cadillac January 10, 1984. He led the company the longest – 13 years. The two-door Allante 1987 was a unique car in many ways. Its body was designed and produced by Italian firm Pininfarina (Turin, Italy). This model was first used many technical innovations Cadillac, including the Traction Control and engine Northstar. At the end of the decade saw the light elegant model DeVille 1989 and Fleetwood, embodying the best of designers and stylists. In 1990 the company was awarded for the quality of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Cadillac was the first automotive company to receive a national award Baldrige, and until 1997 was the only car manufacturer to be awarded such an assessment. In 1992, it has undergone significant changes Eldorado and Seville have received worldwide recognition. Along with other awards Seville won the “Car of the Year” magazine Motor Trend. A year later, Seville climbed another step, getting the engine Northstar. Recognized as a leader, the system provides drivers Northstar unsurpassed level of ride quality, handling and reliability. In 1993 he was completely changed the look of the model Fleetwood Brougham. Cadillac continued its glorious tradition of being a favorite base for stretch limousines, including vehicles for US presidents. In 1996, the Northstar engine power has been increased to 300 horsepower (on cars DeVille Concours, Eldorado Touring Coupe, Seville STS). In 1997 models Seville STS, Eldorado Touring Coupe and DeVille Concours receive exclusive security StabiliTrack. In addition to this change the design of the car Cadillac DeVille, introducing a new modification – d’Elegance. This new baby Cadillac joined a special American chic with modern technical equipment and high level of comfort. All cars DeVille appeared side airbags. Cadillac Catera – the smallest model of the upper class, was also released in 1997. The main novelty in 1998 – four-wheel drive SUV Escalade, designed to compete with the Lincoln Navigator. In 2001 model Catera it replaced by a new small sedan CTS. The premiere of this “compact” sport sedan model year 2002 tinuous at the motor show in Frankfurt. In the 2001 model year, the program is updated by the new SUV Escalade II generation. 2-door coupe Eldorado in the end of April 2002 has been discontinued due to low demand. Company Cadillac continues a long tradition and still includes all the features of Cadillacs: high reliability, advanced technology and exceptional appearance. In autumn 2003 launched a radical program of renovation and expansion of the lineup Cadillac. In 2004 there will be just three trends: a sports two-seater roadster XLR, all-wheel drive SRX sport wagon and SUV elongated Escalade ESV, unified with Chevrolet Suburban. In 2005 MG will debut a new sedan STS classic layout.