buick-logo«Buick» (Buick Motor Division), Department of the corporation “General Motors”. The headquarters is located in Flint (near Detroit). In 1902, David Buick founded the carmaker Buick Motor Car Company, investing in it 100 thousand. Dollars from the sale of his former company. The first car design of its founder, the company issued in 1903. After asking for financial support from the US and J. Durant. Whiting, a talented engineer, but a lousy businessman Buick gradually released from the hands of the company. Until 1908, he remained a member of the board of directors. Released in 1904. The model had two-cylinder engine, which was placed under the front seat, so that the protruding front “hood” to “sink” was simply a decoration (rectangular heatsink is below). The company was one of the first to join the “General Motors” in 1908, but it remained an independent unit. The successful design “Buick” attracted the attention of American buyers, and by 1908 had sold over 8000 cars of this brand. In the same year, it began production of the Model 10 with a 4-cylinder engine has a broad appeal. The first 6-cylinder “Buick” appeared in 1914, and in 1931 all cars of this brand were installed an 8-cylinder engines. Models department, along with “Chevrolet” and “Pontiac” became a symbol of American style in the automotive industry. Since 1925 the company began to set their cars on a 6-cylinder engines. Quite a common machine in this year’s model 25 – open body “tourist” type chassis Standard Six. In the 1931-36 biennium. there are new family car Special, Century, Roadmaster and Limited. Buick models, along with Chevrolet and Pontiac have become symbols of American style in the automotive industry. Model 66S (“S” means “Sport”) in 1934 was a new motor stosilny (row “eight”) and independent suspension front wheels. The first in the history of the car under the name “Rodmaster” in its open (phaeton, mod. 87S) and closed (sedan mod.81) version was released in 1936 .. Beginning this year, each series Buick cars in addition to the license plate designation bore even his own name. There were a series of four 40 – 60 – Century 80 – Rodmaster and 90 – Limited. In 1939 he was released the longest and most prestigious of the Buick – Limited series of eight-limousine model 39-90L. 1940 – introduced additional fifth series (50, aka Super). Postwar “Buicks” (1946) based on the new pre-war body and different from the model in 1942 mainly due to the radiator facing and simplified trim boards. However, there was also a new nadkapotnaya emblem – “bomb in the ring”: on it to find out post-war model could at first sight. In 1948, the new model Roadmaster. In 1953 he created a model of Skylark. The best gift for the 50th anniversary of the company was a brand new V-shaped “eight” power of 164 hp Super Series and 188 hp – Series Roadmaster. Since 1954, every 2-3 years is updated model series Buick until 1961. From usual powerful “Buicks” different cars compact series “Special» (Special), serialized in 1961-1965, but soon they were on their size almost equal to the conventional “Buicks.” 1979 – beginning of production of the compact car family Skylark. After it at intervals of about a year out model Century and Skyhawk. In 1984, the production model Riviera Coupe. The first demonstration model Park Avenue. In 1987, Regal was a demonstration model at the auto show in Los Angeles. 1992 – release of the new generation model Le Sabre. Since 1997, began production of a new generation of models Century, and in 1998 the presentation of the model Signia. Since 2001, the Department of General Motors Buick produces the same type of relatively low-cost, full-size front-wheel drive subcompact cars for the US market.