bentley-logoThe company «Bentley Motors», founded by Walter Owen Bentley, opened in Cricklewood, north London in 1919. The founder of the legendary aristocratic brand vehicles W. Bentley his first car with a 3-liter “Quartet” has developed in cooperation with F. Burges and Mr. Varley. In autumn 1919 Walter Bentley showed her first child at the Motor Show in London, but the production was able to establish only after two years. By the way, from the beginning aimed at the production of the Bentley prestigious cars. The volume of three liters makes the machine out of reach for ordinary motorists, and unique to the time the warranty period of five years attracted the attention of wealthy people. The car wore unpretentious name – 3L, which meant that the presence of 3-liter engine. In the future, this designation became traditional. And only somewhere in the mid-twenties began to appear in the title of words, for example, Big Six. Bentley, without burdening themselves with designer delights, paid special attention to the technical side of the issue. The main purpose of the cars he saw in victories on road racing. Indeed, seldom it happened so that cars of mark Bentley did not win sports. One of these was the model 4.5L rotary blower Roots, placed in front of the radiator. This machine has been specially designed for famous racer and industrial magnate G. Birkin. In those years, the car has become one of the most powerful and high-speed, and despite the critical attitude towards it on the part of the Bentley, brought his company even more famous. In the 1928-30 biennium. in small amounts collected model cars 6.5L and its sports version of Speed Six. For three years this car has twice won the race at Le Mans three times in Bruklende. Launch of 8L – the most expensive and prestigious in the line of the company – began in 1930 in the early thirties was marked by the loss of the company «Bentley» independence. So, with the mediation of the company «Napier», Bentley became a part of the other elite automobile company «Rolls-Royce». With this began a new stage in the history of the company, which did not previously downplayed earned prestige. The first Bentley, created jointly with specialists of Rolls-Royce, a model 3.5L (1933). In 1936, it appears on the base model 4.5L Rolls-Royce 20 / 25NR and Rolls-Royce25/30 HP. Since 1933 it was produced seven very similar in structure and design models. Gradually, the production of cars of mark Bentley became to move from Derby to plant Rolls-Royce, is located in Crewe. And the first model wholly created there became Mark-VI, put into production a few months after the end of the II-nd World War. The basis for this car was the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith. And since 1955, all Bentley models are copies of Rolls-Royce. However, despite the structural similarity between the two marks, between them the main difference: Rolls-Royce – this representation car and place it is located behind the host. A Bentley, on the contrary, a car for people who know how to love and to drive. In 1980 the presentation of the model Mulsanne, two years later saw the release of the 300-hp version of the turbocharged and even a couple of years – simplified version Eight. Other models were created by the so-called Project 90, with different bodies and some external differences from colleagues from Rolls-Royce – Turbo R and Brooklands, only model Continental had no and has no analogues. The family of these expensive sports coupe is primarily intended for the young and ambitious millionaires whom sports cars such as Ferrari seem too utilitarian and deprived of comfort. Today, Continental has produced three major modifications of R, T and SC. The R is cheaper in the family (000. 314) and has a characteristic finish and comfortable while at the same fine-tuned for a fast ride suspension. Model T is shortened by 100 mm base, a sports suspension and powerful engine of 426 hp But the most interesting of this opera is a modification of the SC (Sedanca Coupe) with a rigid retractable roof. In the normal state – it is a closed compartment, however, if desired, part of the roof over the front seats automatically removed. In 1998, changes in the automotive world have meant that the company «Bentley Motors» came under control of «Volkswagen AG».