Hennessey preparing Camaro Convertible HPE700

Incredibly great love of Americans for the Chevrolet Camaro, which proves the high activity of tuning studio, which even before the start of sales of the convertible based on the new Camaro already offering its modified version. A few days ago we reported on the Camaro Convertible APR’s from Neiman Marcus, but that version did not affect the technical part of the car, but experts from Hennessey Performance cook something incredible. Tuners from Hennessey have long offered a Chevrolet Camaro HPE700 coupe, and now a similar version will appear in a convertible. But the main course – this is undoubtedly the technical part HPE700. Under the hood, Camaro tuners set LS9 powerplant from Corvette ZR1 supercar. Moreover, the engine is subjected to modernize and improve its cooling, which ultimately allows you to remove a 6.2-liter “eight” 755 hp and a torque of 033 Nm 1. These figures are 117 hp and 215 Nm outperformed the standard version of the engine from the Corvette. With him on the basis of a Camaro convertible is able to dial from a place one hundred in 3.3 seconds and cover a distance of a quarter mile in 10.9 seconds. To chassis was able to cope with the increased power, the engineers Hennessey Performance worked on suspension Camaro, installed upgraded sway bars and, of course, strengthened brakes. Results will be released only 24 of these cars, so it is – a real exclusive. Cost Convertible HPE700 in the press release are not reported.

camaro-convertible-by-hennessey_02 camaro-convertible-by-hennessey_01

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