Due to a serious accident, which last week was Robert Kubica, the team Lotus Renault GP urgently seeking a replacement for him as a Pole at risk to miss the entire season, or most of it. Guide Lotus Renault just announced that it will rassmatrivaetsya to replace Kubica only experienced rider who can help in the development and refinement of the machine. As possible candidates called Pedro de la Rosa Vitantonio Liuzzi and Heidfeld – just him and was invited to the tests in Jerez, where the German pilot spent the day at the wheel of R31. To its credit, Nick, he coped with the task – quickly made himself at home behind the wheel of an unfamiliar car and was able to provide decent feedback to the engineers. Moreover, at the end of the day while Heidfeld was the best. Finishes second of the day Fernando Alonso lost to Heidfeld time 0.132 seconds. Total German overcame driving Lotus Renault R31 eighty six laps, but on the final day of the second test session will take place in the cockpit of a backup command pilot – Bruno Senna. However, in the Lotus Renault has made it clear that Bruno would not be able to replace injured Kubica due to lack of experience. But Heidfeld now has every chance of signing a contract.