Starting from the clean side of the track in the race for the US Grand Prix in 2014, Nico Rosberg has kept the lead, ahead of Felipe Massa Walter Bottas in the fight for third place, and Daniel Ricardo rolled with the fifth position at the end of the first ten. However, Deng then quickly bounced back, and after his first pit stop the Australian was ahead of Bottas. After a second behind Massa and it proved that most of the distance was third, but eventually lost his place on the podium. As for the leaders, the Mercedes drivers dealt directly with each other on the track. Hamilton kept up with Nico, and then managed to get ahead of it, bringing the matter before the fifth consecutive victory and the tenth of the season. And now, two races before the end of the championship, Lewis ahead of Rosberg by 24 points. But it is important to recall that in the final race in Abu Dhabi will be awarded points in the double size. Riccardo finished third, Felipe Massa was fourth, and fifth checkered flag saw Walter Bottas. USA finished sixth in Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel proved the seventh, who started the race from the pit lane because of the fine imposed on him for a change of engine. At the same time most of the distance quadruple world champion complained of shortage of speed, and when, just a few laps to go, Seb went to the ultra-soft rubber compound, his Red Bull literally flew around the track. And for this short time Vettel was able to break 14 on the 7th place. Eighth Kevin Magnussen finished the race on the McLaren, and for the ninth place among themselves until the last beat Jean-Eric Vergne and Pastor Maldonado. On the track the Venezuelan managed to beat the Frenchman on the last lap distance, but in the minutes of the tenth pastor appeared as a result of its added five second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. By the way, in the United States earned a point for Maldonado became the first of the season. But just a week already we are waiting for another race – it will be the Grand Prix of Brazil, which is practically never boring. Boring is not called and the last US GP, where, even in the absence of the two teams (remember that Caterham and Marussia did not come because of financial problems) was a lot of interesting fight, and was attended by various tactical schemes. Let’s hope that next year more interesting and our race will be held in Sochi, which at the time of the debut was stingy with overtaking.