Lewis Hamilton was able to realize the advantage of pole position to victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2013, and this victory was for the Briton is already the fourth at the Hungaroring. According to this indicator, Lewis caught up with Michael Schumacher. The current race is distinguished variety of different tactical schemes, so that sometimes the position of the riders during the race did not reflect their actual location. At the start, Vettel did all he could to keep his second position – and he got it. But after the pit stop Seb buried for McLaren Jenson Button and Red Bull German began to overheat. All this has led to a loss of time, so that at the finish of Vettel came third, behind Kimi. Finn made one less pit stop, which allowed him to climb from sixth to second. Smart tactics and excellent acrobatics helped break Mark Webber with a distant tenth starting position to fourth, but Fernando Alonso alas, nothing to play during the race failed. As the Spaniard started fifth and finished as fifth. This not only allowed Vettel even further increase the advantage in the standings, but also led to what is now Raikkonen ahead of Alonso in the championship standings by one point. Who had a great chance of a good result in the Roman times which did not escape the problem by allowing contact with the first button, and then left for the track while overtaking Massa. This rules is prohibited, so the Frenchman punished passing through the pit lane. The result – tolkoshestoe place. Himself Jenson Button finished seventh and in the top ten this time trial and the co-pilot McLaren – Sergio Perez (9th place), ahead of Pastor Maldonado (10th) at Williams. Crossed the line eighth Felipe Massa, to race again Koror has not worked, and since its inception. Brazilian good start, but in the heat of battle damaged front wing on the car of Nico Rosberg. Last rolled back, but later the two pilots continued to lead the battle, however, already in the region of 9-10 seats. And just a few laps to go by car Rosberg fired engine. So Formula 1 season this year, overcame the equator, and the continuation of its summer break now separates-long four weeks. At the same time the two teams are not allowed to work – all go on vacation. The next time the teams will meet in Belgium legendanom racetrack Spa-Francorchamps.