The Gumpert company has shown in Geneva 2014 coupe Explosion

The German Gumpert company, known for its low volume supercars Apollo and Tornante. But that has not stopped her to bring to the Geneva Motor Show 2014 concept sport coupe Explosion (“explosion”).
The model is a tubular frame and body panels made of carbon fiber, aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic, which made the car easy enough (the exact weight is not specified).
Externally, the car stands out quite aggressive front and rear portions with large air intakes, but the sidewalls were quite simple and some have broken the whole image.
Under the hood Gumpert Explosion located 420-horsepower (520 Nm) engine, the details of which are not reported. But the company says that with him coupe capable of accelerating from zero to a hundred in just 3.0 seconds.
The manufacturer plans to launch Explosion into production before the end of 2014. If they get it, the coupe will sell at the price of 105,000 euros.

foto-explosion_03 foto-explosion_02 foto-explosion_01

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