At the Grand Prix of Korea 2013 Vettel won another victory

Sebastian Vettel continues to collect victories in a season in 2013, winning the Grand Prix of Korea, will not allow anyone to overtake himself throughout the race. But his closest chase for the title in the individual competition, Fernando Alonso this time was only sixth, so that the difference between them in the Championship has grown from 60 to 77 points. Starting second, Roman kept for a long time behind the leader, not too far behind him. But there will be on the road because of the ignition of the car Red Bull of Mark Webber’s car safety leveled all detachments. This advantage has appeared by the time Kimi Raikkonen third. Finn started the race from a distant ninth position, but surprisingly the hot weather in Korea contributed to the pilots Team Lotus, whose car works best in such conditions. Kimi broke throughout the race and finally wins the second place with his team-mate, and Grosjean finished third. Great race held on Nico Sauber. On the eve of the German great qualified, but starting from a high position did not work in the previous Grand Prix of Singapore, but it worked out in Korea. Nico came in fourth place, and more than a dozen laps restrained attack Lewis Hamilton, who was unable to come forward. Thus, fourth place left for Hulkenberg, finished fifth Hamilton, sixth – Alonso and seventh checkered flag saw Nico Rosberg. At some point, Rosberg was very fast, but the return on a direct front wing of his Mercedes did not withstand the loads and buckled. All this was accompanied by a spectacular carved sets of sparks, and the pilot had to go into the pits – the time had been lost. Eighth in the race Jenson Button finished and closed the top ten ochkovuju his teammate Sergio Perez. Between them, the ninth position is placed Felipe Massa, which launched at the beginning of the race. The Brazilian was forced to partially recoup and he still managed to kompinsirovat his mistake. The next race will take place in just one week – it will be the Japanese Grand Prix in 2013 at the legendary Suzuka circuit. Boring it never happens.


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