It seems that the high-tech giants, who reduced the number of personnel involved in the development of unmanned vehicles, can get a very strong competitor in terms of engineering.

The startup Nuro presented a prototype of its first drone. It remotely resembles a Google car that has grown in size, but the company closed the project. No wonder: the laid-off engineers at Google founded their own company, and their colleagues who previously worked for Uber, Apple, Tesla and General Motors with similar projects help them.

Unmanned Nuro R1 is built from scratch. In fact, an electric vehicle is a container on wheels and should be in demand from delivery services. In Nuro they say that the compartments R1 can accommodate up to 20 standard packages with products from the hypermarket.

Nuro R1 does not have any controls. The machine is equipped with lidars, radar, video cameras and sensors, allowing the car to move independently. Apparently, it is the courier services Nuro and will offer to finance the project. And the startup’s chances are quite high: no such strong team has any of the competitors.