At the Paris Motor Show in 2012, Bentley has introduced the concept of Continental GT3, prepared to participate in the races, and the presentation of the production version of the model was held within the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood in 2013.
Racing Bentley Continental GT3 is based on the most powerful coupe Continental GT Speed, the latter also borrowed and six-liter gasoline engine with twin-turbo W12, the return of which was increased from 507 to 610 hp
In addition, in accordance with the rules of the category GT3, deprived of all-wheel drive cars, so that the whole thrust is now transmitted to the wheels of the rear axle by means of dedicated six sequential transmission Xtrac.
Among other technical features of the Bentley Continental GT3 appear on the new suspension with adjustable race dampers, powerful brakes with six-piston front and four rear calipers, 18-inch wheels OZ Racing tires width of 310 mm, a racing fuel tank and migrated ABS and traction control.
Externally, the Bentley Continental GT3 is very different from the donor developed aerodynamic body kit with extended wheel arches, side “skirts”, new bumpers, front spoiler and a massive rear wing. In the cabin installed a roll cage, Sparco bucket chair with six-point seat belts and a fire suppression system.
Due to the lack of a full drive and replacing a number of carbon fiber body panels to the engineers managed to reduce the weight of a racing coupe up to 1 300 kg (it’s almost a ton less than the civilian version), and the weight distribution of the axes is almost perfect ratio of 52:48.
The racing debut of Bentley Continental GT3 will be held in the competition FIA Blancpain Series in 2014, where the competition will make the British coupe Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, McLaren 12C GT3 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. And later will be a civilian version of new items, the cost of which will amount to about 200,000 pounds, and its circulation will limit the amount of 300 pieces.

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